This drunk like 30-40 year old was hanging around my friends and me at this bar and then he started hitting on me like hardcore and I was just trying to nicely shrug him off. But then like he started whisper singing “baby don’t leave me” in my ear and getting way too close. So then my friends mom was like “nope, take a walk buddy”. I was so sure he’d try to start a fight but I’m so glad he left after staring her down for like 5 seconds.

anyway kate miller heidke was SO amazing and gorgeous but two things happened:

#1 me and liam were walking to the recital centre, me holding a pizza, and then liam realised that we’d walked past keir nuttall (kate’s husband/guitarist) and so we yelled out his name and then he turned around and instead of waving like a normal person he walked back to us with two dudes who happened to be the other guitarist and drummer and we had a good convo & i gave him pizza lol that was fun but i was really hoping for a shout-out but thats fine keir fuck you (jkjk)

#2 AND THIS IS SO BAD IM SO ASHAMED OK so on stage kate described her outfit as a cross between an 18th century clown and a shuttlecock (an apt description) and then when we met her afterwards she was kinda… awkward so i was like “you look gorgeous btw! i love your…. ensemble” and liam’s like “your.. shuttlecock” and we laughed and this is when i decided to say to kate miller-heidke "i love your cock" and…. she just froze with this look of absolute terror on her face……. and we got a photo and i havent seen it but she’s probs still looking fkn terrified anyway thats how i humiliated myself in front of kate and ruined her life, the end

blogger on tumblr: *is mildly attractive*
everyone else: oh my god you are soooo hot wow have my babies u got kik omg you don’t know me but we’re going to be married such a bae lol ughhh why does everyone hot live so far away ): MY OVARIES #UNF

the fact that orphan black has amazing strong female characters, doesn’t make a big deal out of homosexual relationships, and has now easily introduced a transgender character makes me so incredibly happy i love this show so much