Reading for: Anonymous Request for Relationship reading for Sehun/Kai (EXO)

Deck Used: Rider-Waite

Spread: Three Cards (Past-Present-Future)

Cards: The Nine of Swords, Strength and the Two of Pentacles

In the past position, I pulled the very negative and scary looking Nine of Swords to represent the beginning of their relationship. Often, this card indicates that something about the relationship caused stress, sadness or confusion or even guilt for the couple. The guilt aspect is very high in the Nine and one or both may have been literally sleepless with guilt about how their relationship has progressed. At this point in their lives, they were both emotionally vulnerable and immature, leading me to believe that this card may indicate feelings or events that took place as far back as their days as trainees together. This regret and anxiety was likely to have consumed their feelings for and about each other for some time. If you look at the image in the Rider-Waite deck, you’ll see that the central figure in the illustration is utterly alone in the dark. For a couple, this could mean that their feelings were kept secretive or hidden.

In the present position, I pulled Strength, which is a card of the wild coming under control. Their relationship or friendship may inspire a wildness or immaturity in each other that is not always appropriate for the situation. Often Strength indicates a deeper, powerful desire in the couple that is hard to control. However, over the course of their relationship (and perhaps with the help of a mentor who has their best interests at heart), they have learned to be more careful and patient with the world around them, allowing them to grow and gain control over their emotions. If a sexual relationship is present, it is the type of relationship to inspire quick bursts of passion, sometimes at the most inopportune moment. Looking back at the Nine of Swords, we remember how hard their initial relationship may have been on them. However, we see in this card, an infinity symbol hovering over the head of the maiden who holds the lion’s mouth. This is a relationship or friendship that has gone through extremely tough times, but has solidified into something very permanent for both of them.

In the future position, I pulled the Two of Pentacles. The Two is often a card of outside circumstances that come to affect a relationship. Professionally, the next two-four months will be exceptionally busy for both of them, as a couple and individually. However, the Two can have a very positive message for a couple. In spite of the turbulent nature of their professional life, you will notice, if you pull up an image of the card, that the juggler has a firm grasp on the two pentacles. This indicates that the couple can and hopefully will be able to manage their relationship with grace and just a bit of playfulness. It is a very straightforward card that honestly (I think) tells us more about what to expect from EXO than it necessarily says about the Sekai relationship.

Thoughts Sekai fans? I’d love to hear what you think about this reading. Do you read Tarot as well? I’d also love to hear other interpretations of this reading. Every reading and every reader is different, so I welcome comments.

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