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50,54,60,72. the important questions

50. Ever used a bow and arrow? I HAVE it was cool i would probably use one again

54. Ever eat a pierogi? i think i have??? i feel like i should know this

60. Wear slippers? nah and u kno what the funny part is i own a pair of slippers these things have been sitting in my room unopened for like 2 years lmao

72. Ever won a spelling bee? nO BUT LET ME TELL YOU SOME SHIT OKAY elementary school i wsa labelled as a smarty pants nerd and its because i was smart as shit for my age LEMME TELL YOU so we had a class spelling be followed by a grade spelling bee and then a whole damn school spelling be and you went to states or some shit after that SO HERE I WAS IN THE GRADE SPELLING BEE flexing my shit and its like down to me and one other person and theyre like SPELL WEASEL and im like SHIT…..W-E-A-S…….L-E cause i FROZE and couldnt remember how to end it and i am pissed about it to this day this was legitimately over 10 years ago and i still remember it

Saw Maleficent today with Aaron and his mom! It was fun to be on a “chaperoned” date, but more to take Ileana out. She needs some GNOs (plus Aaron). Liked the movie, although it was highly inaccurate and I disagreed with some of the casting, but I enjoyed it overall. Very nice night (:

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😂😂😂😩😩😂😂😂 #ChrisTucker 🙌 u made this movie 😂😂😂…swear this will be me lmaoooo…homes said I’m a star ahahaha #RushHour2

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idk if you saw it while the show was popular but anna gunn wrote this great feminist article on people hating skylar you should check it out (after you finish bc spoilers i think)

i’ll look into it! i don’t really mind spoilers i meaaaaan that ship sailed when it was popular on this website bc everyone posted about it i’ve already known about most of the key events up to this point bc of posts on here haha

and like i know walt dies right that’s the big ending isnt it

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COME TO ATLANTA IN WHEN SCHOOL STARTS BACK UP AGAIN but i dont have a car either f uck

i will get a car one day and i s2g i will hangs with yu one day i swEAR

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aw hey!!! i love when u like or reblog my posts like that always makes me happy like just lettin u know ur one of those followers where im like AW YAY when i see u around :)

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