hes basically just stole my ipad to listened to out of the woods im a proud sister

People saying they want the group to bring up Beth and how annoying it is that they haven’t. I want to shake you. Just wait until I finish typing up this response. I HAVE WORDS FOR YOU. There are things you’re not grasping.

I’m up early with the intention of going to the dentist this morning.

If I don’t return alive, I leave all my poni to to my friends—but on the condition that they gladiator battle for it. Do not question my ways.

Honestly, do you have a character that is almost like a religious icon is for some people? Just so inspiring, a role model, someone you think of to help you through hard times? Like you know how Christians sometimes have those stickers that say: “What would Jesus do?” Well, I think like that often but it’s “What would Tohru do?”

to the boy who called me, "baby, baby"

please understand that my obnoxiously large headphones,
are not a starter for conversations. my pace, quick and steady, is not
meant to be broken,

please, tell me how you must feel when you are ridiculed and sliced
apart before you even open your mouth, what a 
hard life it must be, to scrutinize every body you see with
thighs and hips meant for

please show me how much you want my kindness, and how
calling me “baby” will make me sweeten up to you,
please tell me how slabbing me with barbecue sauce before
you devour me makes me a 
goddess, and please tell me how if i scrub off the sauce,
i am a

and please wallow in my uncomfortable air, sucking it
like soda throw a straw.

but never forget, that i am not meat on cleavers,
i am a woman, and these thighs can crush your
eyes out of your