It’s funny, sometimes I sit here and think we’ve all lost our collective minds trying to figure out cryptic tweets, Instagram posts, egg selfies, travel plans, etc.

And then I come across a headline like this

And I realize that the whole fucking world is trying to figure out what these guys are doing and no one has an answer (or no one that’s willing to share anyway).

The mystery is part of the marketing. Some of the mystery is manufactured (like the break-up rumors), some is real (Larry - even if it wasn’t real, the shroud of mystery around them is), and some is just people getting so used to the puzzle that we’re picking lint up off the floor and trying to see where it fits (ordinary business transactions and movement, promotional tweets).

I think we’ve got more lint in our puzzle box than we, as a fandom, think we do. But until we get a clearer picture of what the completed puzzle is going to be, it’s impossible to tell what’s lint and what’s not.

In which I don’t PR my front squat the day after deadlift singles and heavy front squats. O. 😑

…But I do PR my overhead squat!

Hello, good sir. I will be auditioning for the part of Ron Swanson. I will not be singing because that is a waste of time. Instead, I will be handcrafting a chair from this fine piece of cedar. If I were to sing, however, it would be a heartwrenching rendition of a song that I wrote. It is called “Silence.” It has no words and no music. Thank you. I will proceed now.


A United Kingdom branch of Krispy Kreme has officially apologized after advertising their short-lived “KKK [Krispy Kreme Klub] Wednesdays” promotion for their Hull location. Apparently, people outside the U.S. — including the representatives from Krispy Kreme’s British headquarters who approved the promotion — are unfamiliar with the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist organization known for grotesque violence primarily against black people.

Truth is stranger than fiction. It’s also dumber.

blue-eyed-charlie asked:

Funny experiment: when you type "Louis Tomlinson g" in google the first option would be gay/gif depending on the internet provider. Not a single option was "girlfriend". Quite the opposite with Harry Styles g - "Gif, girlfriend". Isn't it amazing considering the fact that Louis is the one with the gf and Harry is the one saying being a female is not that important? Huh.

eh… I’m pretty sure it was established that the ‘[celebrity] + gay’ search was erased for all of them.

I mean, when you type that you get no suggestion whatsoever funny that:


This is interesting though:

even though Harry is WAY more researched than Louis, the charts do the same exact figure. I WONDER WHY. The highest peak is April 2012, the second one is August 2013, the third one July 2012, the fourth one was dum dum dum dum… November 2014 I WONDER WHY. Meanwhile for Louis February 2015 is looking like it will rapidly become the highest peak, otherwise it mostly imitates Harry’s.

Related searches for Louis:

'harry styles gay' 100% (Liam and Zayn are related searches but at a 25% rate, Niall's not figured).

In Harry’s case:

only related 50% if you’re wondering why maintaining BOTH their images as straight then… and on that note. ‘Harry Styles Nadine Leopold’:

'Louis Tomlinson Eleanor Calder'

the more you know…


Not at all glamorous or cute selfies BUT I just had the most amazing workout. 
Pr’d my Clean & Jerk!! Such an awesome moment. Smashed out (very awkwardly and nervously) some handstand holds && Rx’d the wod! 
20 thrusters @ 25kgs
20 over the bar burpees
10 minute AMRAP - 2 rounds + a few thrusters
Even though it was relatively slowish, I know my form was super wonderful.
Progress is progress!
Considering my day was stressful and I was surrounded by people with the personalities of wet blankets, this was just what I needed! :))))