I hope larrys914 doesn’t mind me publishing this :D

Hi, so this is what happens when you shower with ur phone in the shower with u, thought of this: this is sketchy!

  • Liam and Niall WANTED to be SEEN and PAPPED arriving at heathrow airport in London
  • Calvin posted a pic of stuff in Vegas ON PURPOSE to let us know that he’s still in Vegas with Ollie

  • Harry WANTED to be SEEN out and about with Cal in LA on May 19th

  • Lottie WANTED us to know that her, Jay and Dan are back in Doncaster by tweeting “Home”

  • Louis WANTED to be SEEN clubbing in LA on May 19th

  • 1DHQ want us to know that Louis and Harry are the only ones in LA

  • Harry’s rep denied him dating Joy TWICE the same day the articles are out!

  • When they never deny rumors of Harry dating girls, EVER

  • Louis’ rep denied him sleeping with girls TWICE but didnt deny him smoking weed and drinking

  • They never deny Louis dating rumors

  • They’re slowly clearing Harry’s womanizer image, making him hang out with his team/mates/close family friends and slowly ridding him of his bad womanizer image

  • Louis left a club without girls (the real reason is bc Oli and Calvin arent there bc the girls are Calvin and Oli’s fucks of the night that Louis hooks them up for Calvin and Ollie) he left with only Luke

  • No Ollie and Calvin = no clingy af girls

  • Harry and Louis have a house in LA

  • They’re trying to make the media used to Larry being in the same state, papped on the same DAY in the same CITY/STATE

Louis is building his brand bc:

●bc he has his own label company

●so more people want to sign contracts with him

●to put his name out there

●he wants to rid his “loved up boyfriends who always stays at his house with girlfriend Eleanor Calder of 3 years”

●making him look like any other single guy in his 20s, having fun, out smoking, drinking and clubbing with his friends, hooking up girls for his FRIENDS (media doesnt know that Louis is their wingman) so

●once he thinks he built his image enough, it’ll be easier for him and Harry to come out

●so when Larry come out it wont be “Harry Styles and his bandmate are dating” it’ll be “Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are dating”

This is all planned out :)

They’re gonna come out soon


Agree or disagree? (Sorry for the long text, it got me really excited!)


AGREE 100%!!! You’re learning fast, my little grasshopper! :D

All of this is happening for a reason and we HOPE the end-game is H&L coming out. Stay tuned!!!


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My race weekend can be summed up in one word - AWESOME!
The weather was great, the race venue was amazing & I had the most kickass support crew a girl could ever ask for…big thank you to this-incredible-journey. She is a total trooper & a true friend!
I finished in 6:08 - a new half ironman PR for me. I was 7th female overall & placed 3rd in my age group. This course is not easy. At over 6300ft with a very hilly bike course, I’m pretty stoked with my performance. 😊
At the end of it all I got to enjoy some pizza & a ginormous glass of wine with my crew. Happy girl.
Thanks again for all the good vibes sent my way Tumblrland. You guys are the best!


Behave, larries, this is almost the end of our pain.

I’m not going to re-explain all the strategy behind these pictures, basically it shows that Taylor = friend with Louis = Harry’s ex girlfriend = helped them out for the coming out = best friend in the universe.

That is so smart. I’m literally in awe looking at these pictures and I can tell that is one of the BIGGEST move for the c-o. If it’s not the most important one.

So as I said larries, behave.

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