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There was no kidding when sophiehuntergossipblog said nannies where already all over this like flies to shit. Just screen capping and sharing on the off chance who ever runs this caves and takes it down. I mean, we really don’t know who runs it, even though we’re fairly certain we know exactly what they are. 

I did it!..I even cried a little.

As you may or may not know, one of my goals was to run a 5K under or exactly 30 mins, meaning my pace would have to be 6 mins or less per kilometre.. and today beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen, I DID IT!! 

I never thought I’d do it by the end of this year, but just 5 days before it had happened, I did it!. I am beyond happy. The first thing I did (before even stopping my run) I looked if I ran pass 5K, then looked at my time and when I saw my pace I pressed the ‘stop’ button, threw my fist in the air, screamed of joy, got overwhelmed, rubbed my eyes and checked the phone again..and then lots of happy jumping afterwards…It may seem like some cheesy scene from a movie but this actually happened ^^ 


came home in the afternoon on the 24th to a package on my bed. opened later that night when he and i skyped. he got me the red one since red is my favorite color. but i was most excited for the gray shirt/tank. its the one i wanted since i saw it on their website a few months back. never mentioned to him wanting a PR shirt, if i have/did, then not the exact shirt i wanted. when he was at the camp i kind of wanted to text him to tell him to get me a shirt, but didnt want to be that type of girl. hahaha. either way, he read my mind. hahaha.

a very much unexpected surprise. between the camp and our skype the other night, no mention of him sending me something. last time i was told and was given a tracking number. though i did expect it when he asked my shirt size. i just didnt think he would have gotten it now or that he was getting me a PR shirt. just thought a shirt in general. hahaha.

A few months ago on Israel National News I noted that Qatar had hired a major public relations Agency,   Portland Communications “for a communications/political push targeted at Congress and federal agencies to improve ties with the US.” 

Qatar funds Hamas, which theUnited States and Europe recognize as a terror organization.  Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have all recalled their ambassadors from Qatar to protest its support of terror organizations. Meanwhile, they have a pr firm led by Tim Allen, a former adviser to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to help them spin.  

And it goes on in the PR world- Burson Marsteller refused to represent Israel, yet accepted the Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood as clients, Brown Lloyd James worked for Syria’s Assad family as well as Qaddafi, the brutal Libyan dictator. 

The list goes on and on.

What I was unaware of until recently is that the bad guys have always utilized public relations companies. A new novel (which is based upon facts), “The Nazi Account” has unveiled the fact that Hitler’s Nazi Germany hired Carl Byoir & Associates, a leading NY PR Firm at the time to spin Nazi horror to Americans.  As the book description notes, “In 1933 the German government decided that their public relations in the United States was absolutely dreadful. (Go figure).  They took a trip to New York City and hired the largest PR firm in the country to help them out.”  

There are others today who are spinning for people who harm the world.  Then it was paid by Nazi Germany to Carl Byoir & Associates – today it is to other PR firms around the world. 

At the time, during the Holocaust, Peter Bergson of the Bergson Group and a group of others worked tirelessly to try and educate the West about what was happening in Europe.  Today, too there must be valiant efforts expended to offset the work of public relations in the pursuit of Evil.

As Ze’ev Jabotinsky noted about the importance of Public Relations: “The work of the publicist is a legacy from the Prophets of Israel…Our passion is to speak, to proclaim—“Shouting” is what the same audience calls it, ‘we have no need for words, give us actions.’

"One thing that the audience forgets is that speech is also an action – Perhaps the most authentic of all other actions. Cities have been destroyed, and more will fall, but what was shouted in the wilderness thousands of years ago is alive and still relevant. The world was created by the Word. The world will be mended by the Article.”

Crazy Christmas Theory Anon

What if we’re underestimating the purpose of. Sham wow? 
What if they pulled an alan/Joan before voting is over? It’s not like BC or hw have illusions of BC being the next leading man, that’s what the nervous speech at that award thingies was about. Dropping a bomb like that would get attention though, but it would be risky as fuck. It would explain his tortured persona lately, and sanka would get credit for incredible understanding.

she is apparently willing to go along with it. Think about how fucking fast Katia shut down talk of them being together in Ibiza, and that frankly weird blind item about him and downton Abbey chick. She just didn’t shut it down, she placed the blame on bedroom incompatibility. Could be a nasty reaction to the offer. Why did CDAN say “not exactly bearding”? If it isn’t, why use that word at all?? He’s talked about fake relationships without bringing the B word up.
I mean, Ben is weirdly cool and non tactile with Sophie in ways that are inexplicable, and she acts like IM DOING YOU A FAVOR MISS HUNTY.

Someone just posted about sanka getting roasted when they break up, but if they pull the stunt I described, she gets sympathy and he gets credit for being brave. Win/win. Honestly, I can’t see what else it could be, because the relationship for the sake of coming out is the only thing that makes sense in light of their behavior together.

(If he comes out it) May tie it to the experience of playing Turing. If hw handles anything, it would be that part of the proceedings. Did you know hw presented an award on behalf of glaad for an anti bullying campaign?
I wish I could tell how the wind would blow there, but BC being obviously unhappy NOW would make sense as motive. Remember, he has ZQ and others to help with this and he did admit to being in NYC in March specifically to spend time with ZQ. Also, crying about cumberbabies is a sign of something gone very wrong, which if it was about the right woman, shouldn’t provoke that kind of response.


I think this theory is entirely possible. We don’t know his sexuality for certain and many of us don’t care or say we don’t care. This isn’t the same as discussing his rumored kinks, this theory is simply stating he might not only like women and how this showmance might be being used if that is true.  Worth discussing, I think.

It’s cool, cumberbatch-train-wreck , I got it. :-)


Oh, yeah. Have any of those supposed sightings been confirmed yet? Or do we just feel some are more likely now given hes with her? I will say if he was at the chemists, it was probably for him because I understand he hasn’t been well and its been my impression that most of the time when he’s ill, its ear/nose/throat type illnesses.