58 kg (129 lbs) snatch PR!

Fucking finally. Went for 60 but couldn’t stick it. Also tried to redeem my 74 kg clean and jerk but missed the jerk again. Soon!

What I’m most pleased with, though, is how consistent I was today. No misses on 52 kg or 56 kg, which never happens. Finally getting more comfortable in the 50’s! 60/75 kg are coming!

Video to come later!

”..And, darling, I will be loving you till we’re 70, and, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23..” 

There comes this moment that I really do believe that he actually does love me. No matter what I look like or even what ever I do, he loves me. Let’s say, it’s been a while since I’ve been loved like this, with the way he talks to me, or even the way he looks at me. I can tell, but I guess for these past few days I was just afraid to give. Since the last time I gave, I almost ran out and it almost killed me. 

The thought of him, the topic of him, would not let me stop talking nor daydream. He has plans for the future, he’s the one who is planning in his mind, the adventures we’re gonna have, the future people we’d meet or introduce to each other, the things we’re gonna have together. And due to that, I’m starting to wonder whose the girl in our relationship. 

6 more days, it’s gonna be another page. 

Maybe those phone call duets, might turn into video call dance-offs. Maybe those phone call or video call or virtual kisses and hugs might turn into personal ones. 


In new emails leaked in the Sony hack, producer Scott Rudin again attacks Angelina Jolie while discussing her upcoming film Cleopatra, calling her ‘seriously out of her mind’ at one point.

'We ought to make this with her and [Michael] Fassbender or [Tom] Hardy or [Benedict] Cumberbatch and go home,' says Rudin.


I know this is the Daily Fail and it only involves BC in passing BUT this is talking about some behind the scenes, Hollywood bullshit.

Angelina is still working with these people to make this film EVEN AFTER the first round of emails were leaked and Rudin, in particular, is still talking about her like this. And pay attention to what the conversation essentially is. 

Angelina has faith they can put out a great film with this script

Rudin is ready to scrap it.

He wants to get A Cleopatra film made as soon as possible. 

Angelina wants to put out, what she believes, is the best film possible, and he just wants something out. And with big names attached to it. 

They’re already discussing hair and sex scenes.

Here is whats coming up...

As the description says I will be using this space to write about traveling. I will document how I will AFFORD this. This space is not only a motivation for me to keep at it, but also to inspire others like me, who long to travel and can’t because, lets face it, we po’. But its alright. I am here to do the research and planning necessary for us to do so. Of course it will not be perfect because it will be a learning experience for me too. A travel on its own into learning the ways of the travel. And I hope this blog will also inspire you to follow your dreams. 


Also in this blog I will post about micro traveling here in Florida and other states in the US while I save for the big one. Why? Because me and you will get bored while we wait. So, I will give you tips and ideas on cute inexpensive dates, micro tourism, cheap stuff to do on the weekends, where to go to have fun in Florida etc. I will also post my photography and some diary notes related to my journey. Music is a big part of my life do to being the lucky girlfriend of a musician! Brett Lewis singer, composer, guitarist from Succulent Thing. So there might be videos and the such…


I hope you enjoy. And hey if you want to contribute, have info or have a question do not hesitate to ask! 


"…there’s a sign at Ramsen Park that says ‘do not drink the sprinkler water’, so I made some tea with it and now I have an infection."