Did another CrossFit workout again today!

Also, I finally, for the first time in over a year, got a PR on my strict press at 93 lbs. That’s an 8 lbs PR for me. Afterwards, I did some drop sets at 83 for doubles, strict pull-ups and dips.



5 minute AMRAP:

  • 5 ground to overhead (83 lbs)
  • 7 burpees over the box
  • 9 kettlbell swings (35 lbs)

1 minute rest, then “Alpha:”

5 minute AMRAP:

  • 5 burpees
  • 7 box jumps
  • 9 AMSU

I got 2+10 reps in the first part and 4+12 reps on the second. Whew. I felt really freaking out of shape! I pushed through it, though. One thing I’ve noticed is that even if I don’t do conditioning regularly, I’m pretty good at pushing myself to go nonstop. My legs were much more tired than I’d expected. I haven’t done conditioning in about a month, so I figured it was time…

Hello, good sir. I will be auditioning for the part of Ron Swanson. I will not be singing because that is a waste of time. Instead, I will be handcrafting a chair from this fine piece of cedar. If I were to sing, however, it would be a heartwrenching rendition of a song that I wrote. It is called “Silence.” It has no words and no music. Thank you. I will proceed now.


A United Kingdom branch of Krispy Kreme has officially apologized after advertising their short-lived “KKK [Krispy Kreme Klub] Wednesdays” promotion for their Hull location. Apparently, people outside the U.S. — including the representatives from Krispy Kreme’s British headquarters who approved the promotion — are unfamiliar with the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist organization known for grotesque violence primarily against black people.

Truth is stranger than fiction. It’s also dumber.

blue-eyed-charlie asked:

Funny experiment: when you type "Louis Tomlinson g" in google the first option would be gay/gif depending on the internet provider. Not a single option was "girlfriend". Quite the opposite with Harry Styles g - "Gif, girlfriend". Isn't it amazing considering the fact that Louis is the one with the gf and Harry is the one saying being a female is not that important? Huh.

eh… I’m pretty sure it was established that the ‘[celebrity] + gay’ search was erased for all of them.

I mean, when you type that you get no suggestion whatsoever funny that:


This is interesting though:

even though Harry is WAY more researched than Louis, the charts do the same exact figure. I WONDER WHY. The highest peak is April 2012, the second one is August 2013, the third one July 2012, the fourth one was dum dum dum dum… November 2014 I WONDER WHY. Meanwhile for Louis February 2015 is looking like it will rapidly become the highest peak, otherwise it mostly imitates Harry’s.

Related searches for Louis:

'harry styles gay' 100% (Liam and Zayn are related searches but at a 25% rate, Niall's not figured).

In Harry’s case:

only related 50% if you’re wondering why maintaining BOTH their images as straight then… and on that note. ‘Harry Styles Nadine Leopold’:

'Louis Tomlinson Eleanor Calder'

the more you know…


Not at all glamorous or cute selfies BUT I just had the most amazing workout. 
Pr’d my Clean & Jerk!! Such an awesome moment. Smashed out (very awkwardly and nervously) some handstand holds && Rx’d the wod! 
20 thrusters @ 25kgs
20 over the bar burpees
10 minute AMRAP - 2 rounds + a few thrusters
Even though it was relatively slowish, I know my form was super wonderful.
Progress is progress!
Considering my day was stressful and I was surrounded by people with the personalities of wet blankets, this was just what I needed! :))))