I just killed my chest workout!

I PR’D in 3 different chest workouts!

Incline chest press: 6 reps at 30 lbs!

Incline fly: 12 reps at 20(next week I’ll go up)


Flat bench chest press: 7 reps at 30!!

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS today is going to be a good day I can already feel it!

larryappreciation It was Louis’s “I am in fact straight” tweet. It…

i think it was a wednesday but also the weed video was released at that time too

Bullshit 2.0 was a Tuesday morning for you.

And oh my god, you’re right about the weed video.

That’s 7:02 a.m. in Australia.

But all these things (weed video, Bullshit 2.0, and Zayn’s tweet, just for three major examples) are obviously totally coincidental and have nothing to do with coordinated, considered PR plans for releasing information, I’m SURE.

Just a friendly reminder, in case you didn’t know… FameFlynet are hired by pr agents & management to take ‘paparazzi’ shots of their clients and then sell the pictures to the tabloids for coverage.

M!M gets $$ every time a new outlet covers the story.

Moving on…

El día en el que deje de pensar tanto voy a ser un poquito más feliz, un poquito más divertido y un poquito menos yo.

My 130# snatch! My romaleos must be good luck. TBH. Guys. GUYS. MY FORM. I’m sorry I’m so proud of myself it looks SOOOOO. GOOOOOOODDDD. I’m reposting this video with the bar path line too. Pretty fucking rad. Pretty fucking excited. Still wished for the bodyweight snatch, but hopefully next time (AKA who knows when the next time I’ll PR my snatch will be… this shit is once in a blue moon LOL).

anonymous asked:

i think i found the ask you were talking about (with the anon who had a friend in PR) - lapelosa*tumblr*com/post/87484540652


This is the ask, yes. At the time the question about this ask was, was it complete bs or not or was the anon telling the truth. Looking back from now, I’ve seen an increased obviousness since the time of MM of a pushed pr message, ‘the boys are growing up’. It’s been gradual since the very adult-oriented SNL ‘Through the Dark’ performance of early December, 2013.

So now what I’m thinking is that it’s rather less likely that a random person who just so happened to read my blog also had a friend who worked in the PR agency approached by 1D, and more likely that the ask was planted, ala goodbyeadulthood lite.

Looking back, the ask was originally sent April 8, 2014.