So basically it was my first shift on floor and KATHRYN ALEXANDRE walks in. I immediately try to compose myself because HELLO FIRST DAY OF WORK, I CANT MAKE A DUMBASS OF MYSELF. I also thought I’d get in trouble if I fangirled.. Apparently not?? Then my friend (who I got into OB) nudged me and was like ‘umm… Isn’t she?’ And I kinda freaked out because I thought I was dreaming then he asks ‘are you…? Aren’t you from’ and I’m like ‘Kathryn!’ (Total rookie move) then her and her boyfriend start smiling, and my friend tells her how I’m a HUGE Orphan Black fan and I start freaking out and my other coworker just laughs and gives them their drinks on the house. Then they go to the bar and my friend asks if I can get a picture (he knows how much OB means to me) so I run to the back, grab my phone and walk up to them. I told her I was shaking soo much I didn’t think I could take the picture, but I did. And idk I kept babbling about how I didn’t know what to say because it was so unexpected and that I’m a huge fan and Idek what to do. Then her boyfriend starts talking about how she doesn’t really get recognized and she says how she thinks its weird (I think she meant that like, her face isn’t really in the show so its kind of rare for someone to recognize her) but honestly I just heard ‘weird’ and was like fuck I fucked up. So I tell her I’m sorry if I’m acting weird. And she’s no no, *looks at my name tag and says ‘Christine, right? Here let me give you a hug!’ And then I tell her about how I hope she knows how much we love her and how everyone appreciates her work even if its not really seen. IDK THEN WE STARTED TALKING ABOUT WHATEVER SHE SAID THEY LIVED A COUPLE STREETS DOWN AND THAT THEY’D BE BACK. (Her boyfriend is a regular)

now I know

Since I decided to go to med school, I’ve kinda lived in fear of the time when I would have to be a functional human being after being awake for >24 hours. I’ve certainly experienced sleep deprivation before, prior to and during med school, but it was more of the only-got-4-hours-of-sleep-the-past-couple-of-nights kind of deal. 

I went to round on hospitalized patients after the clinic day was over on Thursday evening, and one of the nurse midwives from my clinic was there with an induction. I asked if I could hang out for the delivery, and she said yes. Kid didn’t end up being born until 4am, and I had to round again after that and be back in clinic at 8am on Friday. I tried to nap a couple of times at the hospital and failed (being good at napping should be a prerequisite for med school, in which case I would not have gotten in). I ended up being awake for roughly 35 hours. 

The afternoon with Dr. OBnoxious started to get pretty entertaining, because he was almost as sleep-deprived as I was. I was afraid of how that was going to go, but it was actually ok. I didn’t complain about being tired, but at some point he asked if I had slept and I told him I hadn’t, so he knew what was up. I think he respected my effort to keep going with a smile on my face, even as the quality of my work deteriorated precipitously. 

Which it did, I’m afraid. My last appointment of the second day was an annual exam on an elderly woman with a complicated history who was difficult to interview, and…yeah, nobody involved got very much of value out of that visit. Her chief complaint was shoulder pain, and after she left I realized that I never actually looked at her shoulder. Whoopsie. 

I had tickets to a show that evening. I told myself I was going to the damn show come hell or high water. Fell into bed, set an alarm for 2 hours later…I guess I turned it off and went back to sleep, because I woke up this morning with no memory of the show. Work-life balance fail. 

So, yeah. Now I know what that’s like. Sucks, not good for patients, but…I can do it!

what-the-sith said:

It's been too long since I've ranted about soccercop with you, so here, have some college AU: Beth and Ali go to the same college, but they don't know each other. It's welcome week. Everyone is partying, but Beth would rather watch Jaws for THE EIGHTIETH TIME in her dorm than go out. Only after Art bugs her incessantly does she agree to go to a frat party. And who is at the frat party but Alison Hendrix, tipsy and clinging on to some strange boy who keeps trying to convince her to come back

(cont’d) to his room. Beth’s standing in a corner of the dark frat house, equally disgusted by the flat beer she’s sipping and the frat house vibe. She’s not sure who’s dumber: the guys who try to pick up girls by lying or the girls who fall for it. And then across the room she notices one girl who MIGHT be the prettiest girl she’s ever seen. She’s never been attracted to anyone before but she’s pretty sure she’s in love…or whatever. It doesn’t matter. The girl is hanging on to some douchey guy anyway. It’s not like she’d ever stand a chance. But then she notices this guy getting a little aggressive. Looking just a /little/ too comfortable and the girl trying to swat him away. She walks closer to them, and overhears the girl say “Leave me alone.” She doesn’t want to step in, but something compels her to run over anyway. “Hey!! I’ve been looking for you everywhere! We’re leaving to go to Delta Chi; you coming?” The girl looks confused for a moment before the realization that Beth is saving her hits her. She nods. The two exit and BOOM; they’re friends instantly. Annnnd eventually they date but idk how to get there; college AUs are so open for possibilities! I’m sorry I sent you 50,000 messages!



OMG The Emmys are on tonight!


*remembers Tatiana Maslany isn’t nominated*