Sakurai has given an interview with Famitsu magazine in which he delved into several aspects of the new Smash Bros, including, notably, the absence of two-time veteran Ice Climbers. 

"It seems they were running in the Wii U version, but due to the required hardware power, the team couldn’t make them work in the 3DS game. There wasn’t as high a priority given to series that are unlikely to have another installment at this time."

The Icies may be gone, but they live on in our hearts.  When you really think about it, the decision to cut them for the sake of quality in the game was probably really hard to make.  We’re sure the team did what they could.

Iwata vs Reggie Vs. Miyamoto Vs. Sakurai - Super Smash Bros. 4 (3DS/WII U)

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Every Kirby hat ability in Super Smash Bros 4! (SUPER SPOILERY!)

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Super Mario Kombat

Who’s the ideal person to be saving everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom? Is it the pudgy, middle-aged plumber? Or is it the shape-shifting Outworld sorceror Shang Tsung?

The answer should be pretty obvious.

Hey I’m not sure if you’ve seen this already but have you checked out the #PostYourRoster Beta yet? It’s pretty cool! You can put together a roster of 12 characters with their alts and take a screenshot to show off your favorites! Check it out if you haven’t already!



Hey, not a bad idea.  This is pretty fun, actually!

Sure is looking villainous up there.  That’s the thing about my playstyle is that I so rarely go for any one particular archetype.  I’d much rather latch on to all the characters that interest me and MAKE them good.



As you can see, I like fast, agile characters like Sheik for duels, heavy hitters like Ike for brawls, and when I’m feeling devious I pull out the trolls (Villager, Puff, etc.)

(anonymous): Here are my mains:


CA: Ryu you can’t-

(anonymous) shh.

The Face: Characters I’ve either played in the past or am super interested in trying out this time!


Though honestly I kindof ran out of characters I’m REALLY interested in after Palutena.

Show us yours, guys!


The Best Gamecube Game Ever Toplist!

The Gamecube was a low-point for Nintendo - financially, at least. It was their poorest-selling home console to date (assuming you’re not including the Virtual Boy, because you’re a reasonable human being) and it came out at a time where the Playstation 2 was setting all kinds of records, finally providing itself to be Nintendo’s greatest challenge yet.

Despite this underdog status (or maybe because of it), the Gamecube’s game library ended up being pretty fantastic - Nintendo offered their developers a lot of creative freedom in the hopes of striking a chord with gamers, and it shows. The weirdest main Mario game for a console, a renaissance for Metroid, a game starring Luigi, a new franchise about enslaved bug-creatures, and (arguably) series best entries for Smash Bros. and Mario Kart.

But which one is the best? It’s up to you - get voting!