It’s back! The Zelda paintings are rolling now that I have a bit more time for personal work :) 

Here’s a painting of a scene that I imagine could happen when Link starts off at Death Mountain, and his reaction when he first meets the Gorons, not knowing what they are actually like. I felt like including the Master Sword this time to try something new and different :) So much fun with this one!



K.K. Slider WIP

Finished painting him! I didn’t take very many pictures during the painting process so there isn’t much of the painting process to see but here are some pictures. He will be up for sale soon.

Another mystery image has arrived, and this one is just as—

Oh, wait! I’VE GOT IT! There are four squids, so the number is 4! Or…wait. Maybe not.

Whatever the case, somebody must be really motivated to send us this image on a holiday.

Three new themes are set to hit Europe this Friday featuring Pokémon. First is one based on Pokémon Shuffle, the second features Eevee and its evolutions and the final one focuses on Mega Charizard X. Based on past theme releases, it is likely that these will hit Japan and North America later this week but this has yet to be confirmed. Price will likely be the same as before at £1.79/€1.99

Source: Serebii 

Pressing the ZR Button while in the plaza will zoom the camera in. Try zooming in on a piece of Miiverse “graffiti” and you’ll be able to give that post a “Yeah!” Be a good squidizen and give a “Yeah!” to images you like. Also, we’re told the zoom-in camera may also have another use…

Cory Arcangel was born on this day in 1978. For Super Mario Clouds (2002), Arcangel hacked into and modified a cartridge of Super Mario Bros., the blockbuster Nintendo video game released in the U.S. in 1985. By tweaking the game’s code, the artist erased all of the sound and visual elements except for the iconic fluffy white clouds that scroll endlessly across a bright blue sky.

Finally, after some delay and weeks of technical issues,here’s my Magnum Opus for this blog. The finished Toon Smash project!

I hope you all enjoy this piece as much as I did and try to find your favorite characters here; who knows? maybe I did them justice.

…and maybe you guys should visit my blog if you like my work!