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do you know any good zayn masterposts???

these are in no specific order i just went through my masterpost tag lmao i hope this is what you were asking for……..

i have a tag for basically everything that has to do with zayn so if you ever need something dont be afraid to ask ill try to help you find whatever :))

So, I just reblogged something that I wrote a while ago about things that have been said to me with good intentions but that actually end up hurting me and I’ve decided to make a general post of a lot of the things we commonly hear and how our thoughts on them or something like that to educate the people who are supporting you.

In my previous post I had the examples, “guys like girls with a little meat on their bones” and “guys don’t go for skinny girls” in regards to eating disorders or body image issues. There are also things I commonly hear about being bipolar, “everyone is a little bipolar” is probably the most common.

ANYWAY, I thought you guys could give me some input! Eating disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, ect.

Just let me know something you commonly hear with good intentions and how it actually makes you feel and I’ll see what I can put together :)

Comment below or reblog with your response. I’ll be starting a list!


in this small suburban town
you’re the only thing that can make me feel
like i have a purpose.
you put electricity in my bones
and you make my heart remember how to beat.
you are everything,
you are eternally bright
and i am so thankful
to be able to miss you

missing you on a monday evening 

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“Unfortunately, the clock is ticking, the hours are going by. The past increases, the future recedes. Possibilities decreasing, regrets mounting.”

so i decided today that over the next few days i’m going to make a blog directed towards 12-18 year old girls (as that age group is typically in school). it’ll be a safe space for you, i’ll make posts about dealing with school and things like dating, consensual sex, body image, mental illness, etc. i’ll let you all know when the blog is made and everything is set up!