Where I’d take the signs on a date

Aries: amusement park

Taurus: restaurant

Gemini: the movies

Cancer: starbucks

Leo: music festival

Virgo: museum

Libra: mall

Scorpio: dance house

Sagittarius: the woods

Aquarius: zoo

Capricorn: picnic at the mountains

Pisces: art gallery

Listen. This shit is not okay. Following Natasha Romanoff’s “arc” in Age of Ultron we’ve had

Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner joking about how she’s a slut because she gets paired with every Avenger

Jeremy Renner later defending said comments and insisting that she comes off as a slut

Scarlett Johansson herself starring in an SNL Black Widow parody sketch mocking Marvel’s sexist incompetence with her character

Playboy of all freaking sites publishing an article on how the MCU has sexualized her into being slut-shamed

and y’all are gonna whine about how fans hurt Whedon’s feelings by calling out his misogyny. Spare me. This is seriously disgusting. 


he is terrible?? this movie has too many characters?? stop?? did you learn nothing from AoU? he and Cumberbatch are now both in the MCU why are you inviting all the impending Sherlock crossover crap? are you playing ‘how badly can we screw the franchise’ bingo? this is why why can’t have nice things

ok Harry in Nike attire gets me so hard i mean look…

lime green, what a statement

roshe runs, fancy

who doesn’t love a nice cozy Nike jumper?!

some aqua blue accented tennis shoes nice nice

nice shorts bruh

he’s even got a Nike headband, amazing.

some classic black and whites (bonus: guitar playing)

he mixed and matched with adidas on this particular occasion but its ok

and the pictures that are the root of all Nike Harry evil

we are truly #blessed