I can totally see Michael somehow getting ahold of your embarrassing fetus pictures and posting them on twitter and captioning them like ‘bebz so cute’ and you’d be confused af as to how he got them but you’d reply with one of his that was even more embarrassing and it’d become an almost never ending twitter war between you two to see who had the more embarrassing picture of the other like yee

Michael Clifford Smut → Shower Sex

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Request: Yes


It was almost evening when I drove home from the gym, I was so caught up that I didn’t even realize how long I was actually there. Almost three hours and two missed phone calls from my boyfriend Michael past since I left home. All I could think of now was a hot and relaxing shower. I jumped into my car and quickly drove home, with the thought of hot water running down my body. Showering always relaxed me, it was kind of my getaway from the world and all my problems.

Ten minutes later I arrived home, I parked the car and walked through the front door, where I was greeted by Michael. “Babe where have you been so long?” he whined and put his arms around my waist. I pulled away and put my bag on the floor. “I was at the gym. Sorry it took so long. I’m gonna take a shower alright? I’m pretty beat.” I said and wiped some sweat away from my forehead. “Can I join you?” he smirked pulling me closer again. “No, Michael. I’m too tired.” I explained and started walking to the bedroom. “Oh c’mon babe, I’ve been horny all day.” he groaned and followed me upstairs. “Later okay.” I said and slammed the door shut in his face. 

I sighed and stripped down my sweaty clothes and pulled out a new towel from the wardrobe. I dind’t want to turn down Michael like that but I really wasn’t in the mood right now. I just needed to releax. I walked into the bathroom next to our bedroom and turned on the water. I put the towel aside and waited a couple of minutes to let the the shower heat up before I stepped into it.

The water was hot enough to steam the shower and despite its warmth, cause goose bumps on my skin. With my eyes closed, I let the water run over my body while I ran my hands through my wet hair. Forgetting the world around me I didn’t hear Michael coming in. I suddenly felt two strong hands wrapped around my finger (sorry I had to) waist. I shrieked in surprise but found my breath again when I heard Michael’s familiar laugh. No longer on high alert, I allowed myself to melt into his hands. His touch was everywhere; from the back of my neck , to my lower backside and all the way down to my ass where he squeezed it gently. I let out a quiet moan which earned me a smack on my butt cheek. “You scared me.” I mumbled. “Sorry baby, I just couldn’t wait any longer.” he explained and soon I felt something else causing pressure in my backside. 

Michael’s hands slipped around to my front and sqeezed my breasts, massaging my nipples. A shiver of delight ran down my spine, I turned around and felt Michael’s, now rock hard, cock press against my entrance. I let out a slight moan, getting increasingly turned on by the second. His lips were on my neck, kissing slightly, his hand on my ass. I reached down to stroke him while he sucked on that special spot on my neck. He let out a low groan and pressed me against the shower wall when I started pumping him faster. I noticed the tension between my legs and I desperately wanted release. Michael’s hand slipped between my thighs, rubbing slowly over my clit in fast short circles. My knees trembled as the pleasure took over me. 

His eyes were full of lust and he looked at me hungrily before he kissed me roughly. I responded immediately, burying my hands in the back of his head, tugging at his hair. “Fuck..me.” I breathed in between kisses. “With pleasure.” he smirked, his lips then attached to my neck again and a hand went down to my pussy, rubbing my folds. I moaned loudly, and was quite glad that no one could hear us.

I wanted to say something, but Michael shut me up with his middle finger that plunged into me without any warning.‘’Fuck, Michael.” I groaned and gripped into his strong biceps for support. “You love it when I finger you don’t you?” he whispered into my ear, before taking my earlobe between his teeth. “Fuck y-yes.” I moaned, sqeezing my eyes shut. “Does it feel good?” I couldn’t do anything but nod in agreement. “I’ve been thinking about fucking you all day.” He hissed.

His fingers sped up with each word and it was hard to actually pay attention to what he was saying when his rock hard cock on was pressing against my stomach. “I-I can’t last m-much longer.” I stuttered. He gripped into my thighs and hitched me up, slamming me into the cold wall. I wrapped my arms around him and tangled my fingers in his wet hair. Slowly he eased himself inside me, and my head fell back against the wall while I felt him fill me up. He used one arm to help hold me up and the other firmly placed on the wall behind me. His balls were hastily slapping against my bottom as he thrusted into me hard and deep.

I moaned as he suddenly hit my g-spot; “Oh god just like that!” I moaned his tip brushing against it once more. He slammed into me particularly harshly and I couldnt help but I loudly screamed his name, my nails sinking deep into his shoulders. “Fu-uck” he cried out as my walls contracted around him. He kept hitting my g-spot over and over again, making me moan and whimper in pure bliss.  I scratched his back with my nails, biting into his neck, causing him to moan. He kept thrusting into me, in a steady pace. His nails digging deep into my flesh. “Holy shit…Michael.” I moaned, my eyes rolling in the back of my head when I felt his thumb on my clit, rubbing over it in a fast pace.

“Fuck I’m close.” he groaned into the crock of my neck and I replied with a barely audible “Me too. He slammed into me a few more times before he stilled his hips and threw his head back as I felt him spill his load inside of me, his fingers roughly digging into the skin of my thighs as he let out a bunch of moans. Soon after I felt my own orgasm washing over me. He pumped in and out of me lazily a few more times to ride out our orgasms, before he pulled himself out and set me on the ground.

My legs were shaking and I had stabilize myself on the wall. “Can’t you walk?” Michael asked grinning. I shook my head no and got hold of Michael’s shoulders. “Good. That was my intention.”

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5SOS Journey 2011 - 2014 || Not About Angels (1K Subscribers) 

You Are 16, Turning 17

(A/N - I kinda made this a birthday sort of thing)

Michael: Michael had been teasing you all week. Your birthday party was in four days, and all you had heard. all week long, was him saying, “My baby’s gonna be leeegaallll. No wait. You’re only 17,” laughing out loud, with you rolling your eyes and sighing. You were excited to be another year older, but scared because this was the last year you had, before you became and adult. Michael soon realized that and stopped (most of) his teasing, telling you that it was fun being “grown up”, and to not worry, wrapping you in his huge arms and kissing your forehead.

Ashton: Ashton was so excited for you. He knew how much you loved your birthday, and couldn’t wait to spend it together. Chirpy and giggly, he helped you decorate your house for the party, making suggestions for streamers and napkins, and running back and forth to the store to buy you things. “Babe! Happy Birthdayyyy!” he would yell from across the house, making you laugh and smile everytime. Calling you his “little love”, and saying that he’s proud of all the amazing things you’ve done in your 17 years on this earth. 

Luke: Luke was taking pride in the huge surprise party he was planning for you. Making sure that every last detail was just perfect, and anticipating the shocked look that came across your face that Friday, when the lights were flipped on, and every single one of your friends, and favorite family members, jumped out of their hiding places. You could not believe the work he put into making your day so special. The entire night, he walked around with his arms arounds your waist, beaming down at you and making sure that everyone knew you were his. After everyone left, you thanked him over and over for what he had done for you, him insisting that it was nothing, and that there was no one in the world who he loved more.

Calum: Calum was helping you bake your birthday cake for the party with your family tomorrow. They had insisted that he should come to meet everybody, so he was trying his best to impress everyone by helping you with this cake. “But babe, it says three-fourths, not a cup and a half?” he read off the recipe. “Yes we are doubling it remember?” You would answer, shaking your head in amusement. After you put the cake in the oven, he pulled you to his chest and smiled at you. He asked if he thought your family would approve of him and you assured him that they would. Sure enough the party went off without a hitch, everyone complimenting Calum, saying that he was the perfect young man for you.

okay so, imagine being friends with 5sos, well you’ve only been freinds for a few weeks and lately you’ve been hanging out with them more and more and you sorta get the feeling michael doesn’t like you because you can always feel him staring and when you look he just kinda looks at you then looks away and you’re not really sure what to do because like what if he doesn’t like you, so you’d sit there sorta quiet until michael left the room and eventually ask the boys why doesn’t he like you and they and your friends laugh and you look at them like ’ what’ and they are just like ‘seriously’ and you nod ’ yes because he shooting fucking daggers at me! ’ and your friends laugh a little ’ oh sweetie he isn’t shooting daggers’basically they all seeing him being hearty eyes for you just like you are for him and calum would smirk and ask you if you want him to speak to michael for you and you nod shyly bc you just didn’t know what to do. 

eventually calum comes back and kicks everyone out , shortly after michael comes back in the room and sits next to you and  it was just so awkwardly and michael just continues to ignore you and puts the tv on but still slyly looks at you and you smirk ’ you’re staring’ and he would have the biggest smile on his face but try to hide it and be like ‘what no’ and then start poking you until you reacted , he would start tickling you and you’d be like ‘omfg michael stop’ he be like not until you say ’ michael is the hottest person alive’ and you’d just smirk and be like no so he keeps tickling you until you’re basically out of breathe screaming ’ michael is the hottest person alive’ and he would stop but just keep hovering over you and lean down planting a small kiss on your lips mumbling ’ i could never hate you y/n ‘ 

Michael is a heartbreak boy 💔