I bet you my life that at one point michael has made a fake fan account on tumblr to try to creep on us but gave of because shit tumblr is hard af

i just want

to kiss Luke’s cheek when he isn’t happy and wipe away all of his tears. I want to tell him that everything will be okay even though it won’t. I want to hold his hand and give it a little squeeze when he’s nervous. I want to argue with him about stupid little things, and laughter laugh about how ridiculous it was. I want to listen to all of his crazy stories from his childhood. I want to hear all of his deepest secrets he’s never told. I want to be someone that he trusts. I want to be someone he loves. I just really want luke hemmings okay. he is the most precious, gentle human being alive and in reality he’s just a 70ft tall teddy bear and I love him so much more than to the moon and back.

Imagine Requested: can you please do a michael imagine where you save his life

_ _ _ _

You just wanted a night in. A night with nothing but sweatpants, ice cream, wine and Netflix. But, of course, your friends all insisted on a girl’s night out to which they would not accept no as an answer. So, here you are, leaning against the bar in a dimly lit club that reeked of sweat, alcohol and desperation while your friends danced and flirted to their hearts content.

Looking down at your gin and tonic, you stirred the little black straw, paying little to no attention to the many suitors that approached you. It wasn’t until a new, not watered down, drink slid next to your old one that you finally looked up and what you saw was a surprise. The boy in front of you had bright dyed red hair and had some of the most beautiful green eyes you had seen in a long time. Then, he started talking.

“Hey, how much does a polar bear weigh?” The boy asked, leaning against the counter, smiling at you.

“Oh god, please don’t—“ You tried to stop his attempt at a pick up line, but were quickly cut off.

“Enough to break the ice, my name is Michael.” Frowning slightly in his direction, his smirk slowly started to fall at your reaction. You weren’t in the mood for pick up lines or men looking for a quick fling, and you certainly weren’t in the mood for sugar coating a rejection.

“Look, Michael, I’m sure you’re a really great guy, and on a normal night I would find your pick up lines cute an endearing, but, not tonight. I’m sure there are plenty of other girls here who would love to go home with you. Good try though.” With a quick smile and a nod of your head, you grabbed the new drink and walked off to find a secluded booth to spend the rest of this night in, hopeful, isolation.

_ _ _ _

Hours later, last call came around and your were finally gathering your friends together and getting them into the cab, ready to go home. You were just about to climb in yourself when you heard a vaguely familiar voice shouting from somewhere down the road. Fully stepping out of the cab, you look seeing the bright red hair of the boy who tried to pick you up earlier that night. He was shouting franticly, obviously very drunk and very lost.

“CALUM! ASH? LUUUUUUKEY!” His slurred shouts blurred into the crowd exiting the club as he searched for his friends. Feeling sorry for him, you turned towards your cab driver, telling him to stay there as you went to help the poor bloke.

“Hey!” You yelled as loud as you could over the large amount of people rushing and stumbling around you trying to get to the boy in sight. Watching him carefully, you noticed him smiling and waving, looking across the street, his friends surely in sight. You were about to turn around and finally begin your trek home, but not before watching the boy start to walk into the street.

As soon as he stepped off the sidewalk, a pair of bright headlights shown over his profile, the car not slowing down. Your eyes widened, as the red head was oblivious to the car coming towards him.

“HEY! STOP!” you sprinted over to him, grabbing his arm and pulling all of his weight the best you could, getting him back up to the sidewalk just as the elegit car zoomed by, horn blaring at the two of you. “FUCK YOU TOO, MATE!”

“Shit” you heard the boy next to you mumble as you looked at him.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?! You could have died!” You yelled, sighing when you finally saw the shock in his eyes at the event that just happened. “It’s, uh, Michael, right? Look, are you ok? Are you gonna get home alright?”

“Yeah… Yeah, my friends are, they’re uh, right across the… the street” Michael struggled, more drunk then you actually thought he would be, “Th-thank you, uh…”

“Y/N. Here, let me get you to your mates, you’re not dying tonight if I have anything to say about it.” Then, slowly dragging him across the street, you as nothing but gratitude in his eyes as he smiled down at you.

“Can I take you out now? It’s the least I could do after you saved my life.” You chucked, meeting his eyes and smiling at him.

“Once you’re sober, yeah, you can buy me dinner. Just don’t try and get yourself killed again, yeah?”

_ _ _ _

Hey, we’ve all been there(Or will be there)! Drink responsibly kids.

so I reblogged a text post that said “awww I love getting cute goodnight texts from no one” and mike just texted me saying “OH okay, is ‘goodnight you precious little thing’ with 4 heart emojis noT CUTE ENOUGH FOR YOU?”

I am laughing very hard.

Just Come Home Michael Imagine

Michael had just gotten off of the stage and he was buzzing, seeing so many smiling faces and hearing people sing their songs back to him made him smile.

“That was amazing,” Luke said running and landing on the couch with a loud thud,

“It always is,” Ashton sighed happily as he sunk into the armchair. Michael smiled and grabbed his phone off of the side table he had left it on. He was going to tweet how amazing it was when he saw a few texts, missed calls and voicemails from you. Slowly, he walked out of the main room and into the small room where he could listen to them privately,

“Hey Michael, it’s er me y/n, I erm I don’t know why I’m calling you because I know you’re on stage cause’ you tweeted it! But I really miss you and I don’t know what to do anymore,” You said, Michael’s heart stopped and he felt tears rush to his eyes as he waited for the next message to play,

“I’m so sorry for these messages Michael but I can’t write it down because you know what I’m like I’ll have a novel by the end of the day. I just love you a lot and you’re not here and it’s making me sad, sadder than I should be. All the other girlfriends are coping, hell r/n is coping better than I am and she’s pregnant with Ash’s baby! I wish you were here,” You said, Michael wiped a tear that fell and waited for another to play,

“God Michael I wish you was here sometimes I can’t breathe and then I panic and you’re not here to tell me I’m being silly and that I should be happy because I’m in your presence,” You laughed before sniffing again,

“How long left now? 2 months? How many days is that? 62, I just counted. That’s long; do I count today in it? Cause if not 61 days. That seems more bearable but its still 61 days without you. I love you so much Michael just please come home, I can’t cope anymore it hurts. I sound so clingy,” You said. He waited for the next message, only one more after this,

“I bet you’re on stage doing that stupid thing with your fucking guitar that makes every girl in the whole fucking world swoon. Swoon’s a funny word. Swoon. I love it when you do that, especially when you’re playing guitar hero, it looks funny when you do it on guitar hero. You’re terrible a guitar hero and I find it so ironic. I’m staring at the guitar right now, it’s untouched and I think there are spider webs, I knew that spider was out to get me. I can’t find it you know? It’s a fucking ninja,” You laughed, he smiled and wiped his tears, you always did ramble way too much,

“Enough about the fucking spider back to the real purpose of these long ass messages; I miss you, like a lot. I think I made that clear. I probably highlighted how clingy I am as well but let’s just cross that bridge and ignore it. I love you and everyone’s coping and I’m not. This is the first time we’ve been away from each other for so long and I know it’s not going to be the last and oh God that makes my chest feel heavy and my stomach feel empty. It’s weird,” You said before being cut off again,

“It cut me off babe, this is the last one. Short and sweet, like you! Ba boom chuuu, I can imagine you rolling your eyes right now. Michael, please come home soon. Don’t think in 61 days, 62 if you want to include today, that I’m just some clingy bitch who sent you like 5 messages complaining about stuff and crying. I love you, a lot and yeah that’s all I have to say. Call me if you want to, you don’t have to, yeah bye,” You laughed. The line went dead and he heard the automatic voice say no more voicemails. He pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at the screen. The screen filled with his tears and he groaned wiping it on his trousers,

“Hello?” You voice rang through the speaker of his phone,

“I love you,” Michael blurted out,

“I love you too,”

“I got your messages,”

“Sorry, I rambled. I always ramble,” You said, he laughed slightly,

“I think listening to them made me love you more, if that’s possible,”

“It probably isn’t,” You mumbled,

“I’m going to be home soon,” He said,

“I hope so,”

“In 61 days, I don’t include today,”

“Me neither,” You said,

“I’m going to be home soon okay? And when I get home I’m going to scoop you up and attach myself to you forever,” He said, he heard you laugh and he smiled. He likes it when you laugh, and when you smile, and when you ramble,

“I won’t mind,”

“What time is it there?”


“Get some sleep,” He instructed,

“I will now that I know you aren’t freaked out by my messages,”

“Nothing you do freaks me out baby,”

“Good,” You said,


“Fine,” You said,



“Okay,” He laughed,

“I’m going to sleep now okay?” You asked,

“Okay, I’ll speak to you tomorrow. I love you lots,”

“Like jelly tots,”

“One time, I said that one time and now all you do is take the piss out of me for saying it. Like really?-,”

“Y/n! You’re rambling again,”

“Sorry! Sorry, I’ll speak to you tomorrow,”

“I love you,”

“I love you too,”

“See you in 61 days,” He said,

“60 days for me, its past midnight,” You said, he laughed at your accuracy and smiled,

“I love you baby,”

“I love you too,”

“60 days,” He said as you both put the phone down.


Michael Clifford Imagine → How Could You?

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Request: Yes


A.N.:Okay seriously, I suck so bad at choosing titles. I apologize.

It was the night of my best friend Rachel’s 18th birthday party, which was hosted in my apartement. My boyfriend Michael should take her out for dinner while I was preparing and decorating everything, so she wouldn’t suspect anything I told her we’d have a movie night but I had to work beofre that. 

At around 7.30p.m. the first guests arrived and helped me with the snacks. Right when everything was ready the doorbell rang, announcing Michael and Rachel. 

"Okay everyone shut up and hide somewhere." I shouted and walked to the front door. Slowly I opened it and tried to hide my excitement. "Hey there birthday girl." I smiled, hugged Rachel and winked at Michael. 

"Why are you dressed so facy? I thought we’d have a movie night." she noticed after we broke the hug. 

"Well -" I started and turned around and everyone jumped out and yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!" 

"Oh my god!" she shrieked, "Did you do this (Y/N)?" I bit my lip and proudly nodded. "You don’t really think we’d watch some lame ass movies with you on you 18th birthday?"

"You’re the best friend in the whole world." she smiled and gave me anoher quick hug before running off to the other people.

I turned to Michael now and slung my arms around his neck. “Thanks for your help.” I smiled and pecked his lips. “Anything for my girl.” he replied and deepened the kiss. 

"I’m gonna check if everything’s alright. Don’t drink to much alright?" 

"I would never." he laughed. "I’m serious Michael. You know I don’t like the way you act when you’re drunk." I told him worried. Michael is the kind of guy who get’s really touchy-feely when he’s drunk and he always flirts with other girls. I know he never actually means it but it still hurts like hell.

"I promise you." he said and kissed my cheek before stolling off into the dancing and chattering crowd. I sighed and sligtly shook my head. Hopefully he won’t break his promise. 

Three hours later, the party was full on going. Everyone was either on the dancefloor in the living room, making out in a corner or playing drinking games in the kitchen. 

I was already a little bit drunk myself after some friends forced me to play a shot game with them. I decided to clear my dizzy head and go outside on the porch for a moment. 

I inhaled the fresh, cold air and sat down on the little wooden bench my dad made for me when I moved out. I closed my eyes and leaned against the backrest, trying to shut out the loud music from inside when I heard voices and low moanes coming from the open window above me. 

"Oh please no, don’t have sex in my bedroom. That’s what guest rooms are for." I groaned and slowly made my way upstairs. 

"Yo, if you wanna fu - Oh my god." My eyes widened and my heart broke into a million pieces when I saw who was making out, almost naked, in my bed.

A topless Rachel straddled Michael who was only in his underwear. His hand was under her skirt and she was kissing his neck when I bursted it. 

"No. No. NO!" I yelled. They both jumed off the bed and Rached qiuckly covered her bare breasts. "(Y/N) I - This is not what it looks like." Michael slurred and tried to walked towards me but almost stumbled over his own feet. 

"Stay away from me!" I shouted at Michael. "Both of you!" I added when I saw Rachel slowly walking in my direction. "(Y/N) I’m sorry I just -" 

"You just what? Wanted to fuck my boyfriend?"

"Please I…I’m sorry."

"Just shut the fuck up and leave my house you bitch." I warned her with clenched fists. I couldn’t believe this. I felt like I was in a bad teenie movie. She quicly grabbed her clothes and  squeezed past me with a lowered head.

I turned to Michael and looked him dead in the eye. I though I would cry but rage and anger overcame me first. “How could you?” I shouted and shoved him away. “How could you cheat on me with my best friend?” Another shove. “How could you do this to me?” I yelled with my voice breaking 

Michael desperatly looked at me, “I - I don’t know I - I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I don’t even know how - I can’t remeber how I ended up here.” he stuttered and a tear was rolling down his cheeks. 

I felt tears stinging in my eyes now. “I want you out of my house. I don’t ever want to see you again.” I breathed out and tried to blink my tears away. 

"No, please. Don’t do this. Don’t leave me." Michael begged and grabbed my wrists. "You should have thought about that before you stuck you mouth into my best friends throat." I snapped and yanked myself free from his touch. "Now go." I said in a stern voice and handed him his clothes.

"I’m sorry." be barely audibly whispered before he walked out of the door.