wewheresobeautiful said:

Do you know any mute!merlin fics? Thank you by the way! You're doing an amazing job!

The Piano by fishwrites
In which Merlin is a mute pianist.

Speechless by PadawanGirl
Arthur finds himself intrigued by the quiet, dark haired boy he sees around campus. AU

Are You Single? by Sydneygirl92
Arthur first sees him across the coffee shop. With Morgana and her son Mordred’s help, he finds out he’s single. They meet and fall in love.

Quiet by adoruble
Arthur is deaf. Merlin is mute. Their lives are peaceful.

At A Loss For Words by staymagical
Arthur has finally managed to retrieve his servant from the hands of ruthless slavers. But no matter how much he may wish it, things will never be the same again.

anonymous said:

Do you think 'Viva La Vida' by Coldplay can be kinda Merthur-y? I was listening to it on the radio the other day and some of the lyrics makes me think Merthur :/ Or maybe I've finally lost it and see Merthur EVERYWHERE

i am the wrong person to ask because i think every song is secretly about merthur or an au version of merthur

When Arthur teases Merlin about the supposed girl he’s seeing, how that he doesn’t notice the resigned tone his friend is using when he says “There’s none”? Like ‘And there won’t ever be one.’ There can’t be. Who would accept him now, when he did so many things, when he has so many secrets, when his life practically revolves around Arthur? Who would want that? Besides the fact he quite loves a married man who won’t ever be capable to love him back but that’s just my opinion.

asterismface said:

think about merlin grabbing arthur's hand in public and arthur freaking out because people will see but merlin just shaking his head and leaning in for a quick kiss and arthur getting this huge shitfaced grin on his face and merlin rolling his eyes and then they walk down the public street holding hands like fucking nerds damn

Oh my god.

Think about Arthur having to get used to the opinions of modern day. Think of Arthur getting super annoyed at racism. Think about Arthur ranting about racism to Merlin in their flat at night. Think about Arthur treating everyone like an equal because he values everyone. Think about Arthur just shaking his head in disappointment at all the things happening because people are racist.

Think about Arthur loving women in power. Think about Arthur silently cheering them on, treating them like fucking queens. Think about Arthur at rallies. Think about Arthur dragging Merlin to rallies. Think about Arthur being really passionate about equality. Think about Arthur at fundraisers and benefits. Think about Arthur trying to make a difference. Think about Arthur helping, because that’s the reason he was taken from the lake. Think about Arthur actually making a difference.

Think about Arthur having to get over his fear of homosexuality. Think about Arthur having a heart attack when Merlin kisses him, even if they’re alone. Think about Arthur not letting Merlin touch him in public. Think about Arthur slowly warming up to Merlin. Think about Arthur trying not to stare at the couple of men snogging on the bench. Think about Arthur trying to look away from the couple of girls sucking face in an alley way. Think about Arthur learning about sexuality, and finding a label that fits him. Think about Arthur growing and adapting. Think about Arthur saying “fuck it” and dipping Merlin to kiss him in the middle of a crowded square. 

Think about Arthur finally getting used to the idea of a new life with Merlin.

myrandomnesslife said:

okay so i have a weird question. do you read a/b/o dynamics and if you do, do you have any alpha!arthur and omega!merlin recs? c:

bOY do i ever man. i love a/b/o. there’s also a handful with alpha!merlin if you ever decide to want those ;]

(most of these have knotting btw for all you other followers)

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So last night I had a dream Merlin and Arthur had to save Camelot and for some reason the only way they could save it was to kiss and they tried a bunch of different alternatives but it didn't work so in the end they had to kiss aND THEY'RE STANDING THERE AWKWARDLY AND BLUSHING AND FINALLY MERLIN JUST CUPS THE BACK OF ARTHUR'S NECK AND BRINGS THEIR LIPS TOGETHER AND THEY KISS AND THEN STAY IN AN EMBRACE WITH THEIR HEADS BURIED INTO EACH OTHER'S SHOULDER. It was so cute I had to share good day


read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1wgLB4Z

by andiwould

Written for this KMM prompt: When Arthur’s neighbour, Mrs. Emrys, has to leave town for the night for whatever reason, she asks Arthur to look after his son Merlin whilst she’s away. Arthur knows the boy has a crush on him so he tries to keep a distance, but as the night unfolds, Arthur finds that neither Merlin or him can restrain themselves.

Words: 8066, Chapters: 2/2, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1wgLB4Z
Watch on loopstagirl.tumblr.com

I’m gonna give all my secrets away.

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Yes, hello, I would like the Alpha!Merlin please.

alright alright alright lol. like i said, there’s just a handful. i think i might be missing a few too :/

here you go!