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Hello! What would you say are good enemies to lovers fics?

Who’d have thought? by underratedsnail
In Merlin’s eyes, they were enemies. Gwen thought he was being stupid. Merlin didn’t care; he’s hated Arthur since he first came here, why would that ever change?

When We Bleed We Bleed The Same by hms_seth
It all would’ve been simple enough if Merlin had just hidden his magic for a few more months, and not…very publicly used it to save Arthur Pendragon’s life. As it stands, things are definitely changing.

A lever and a place to stand by twoskeletons
When a peaceful march for the equal rights of magicians ends badly, Merlin is forced to hide out in the apartment of law student Arthur Pendragon.

Just a stalkerish alien perverted prat by underratedsnail
Arthur is an alien prat and Merlin has a lot of confused feelings.

Cellmate by lcacbc
Merlin is dead. No, really. He has just called the most powerful man in prison a prat. A prat he just happens to be cellmates with.

Patience and Persistence by digthewriter
Merlin just wanted to prove his worth in academia and his importance on the rugby team. He didn’t mean to start shagging the only bloke he couldn’t stand. He also didn’t understand what was so great about him—why did everyone love Arthur so much?

Pendragon’s Darling series by Deminos
In an attempt to pay back his father’s debt, Merlin Emrys agrees to trade to Mafia Boss a very precious commodity: his virginity. Little did he know that Arthur Pendragon also had a certain kink for stockings, garter belts and bondage…

Red Knight and Magic Man by thecheekydragon
A.J. Pendragon tries to sort out his feelings for Merlin. Sometimes he couldn’t stand the guy, but there were other times…

merlin was such a shitty show but also such an amazing show

because if you think about it, the finale actually brings merlin and arthur’s relationship full-circle and, despite the show’s shitty budget/writing, it doesn’t queerbait. in five seasons it never did. i think that’s so important when you hold it up against sherlock and supernatural and other television shows which feature homosocial dynamics and writers that recognize fans’ feelings about those dynamics.

you can take that recognition and make it into a mockery, or make it something beautiful. for all its faults, merlin chose to do the latter.

i mean, to be fair, in the context of the time period and all, you wouldn’t exactly have arthur pulling a john watson running around shouting “I’M NOT GAY!!!!!” instead, we have arthur presenting himself as the traditional alpha male—closed off from emotion, masculine, striving for power and authority. that’s how his father and society raised him. 

but merlin changes that in arthur. merlin makes arthur more in-tune with his feelings, with understanding those of others. arthur comes around to being open about the fact that merlin is his friend and that he needs merlin. they need each other and in the final episode they show it unabashedly. the writers are not ambiguous about this. they are not afraid to show two men who need each other with every fiber of themselves, without making it such a goddamn big deal. it’s a process, sure—the two start out hating each other, then begrudgingly admitting they need one another, and then, finally, a quiet acceptance.

this show was about growing up. merlin and arthur grew into themselves and through their dynamic with each other, became better people. they loved each other. maybe the words were never spoken aloud, but wasn’t it the great dragon in episode one who said they needed each other and always will? merlin and arthur’s relationship was never called out in mockery by other characters (i.e. assumptions made by minor characters in sherlock that john and sherlock are a couple so john can ~~~VEHEMENTLY DENY IT~~). their relationship is, on the other hand, admired. even up until the final episode gwen knows how well merlin takes care of arthur and trusts him with arthur’s life. characters are constantly mentioning to either man how wonderful it must be to have a friendship like theirs. in what other show these days are writers comfortable expressing that homosocial “need” and encouraging it rather than isolating it? not many.

you could argue the final episode of the show was kind of anticlimactic. but it was never about epic battles. it was about relationships. arthur’s death is subtle. he dies in the arms of someone who loves him. the ruler of the greatest kingdom in all the realm asks his manservant to “just hold me. please.” it’s open. and raw. merlin and arthur’s relationship does not need defining. all you need to know is its strength.

merlin could be really sexist and overall butchered arthurian legend. but it never teased the fans in a ‘will they-won’t they’ dance. for merlin and arthur, it was always a, they will, however you look at the relationship. and in the end, they did.

The Merthur feels never stop.
I am just downright afraid of the people at my school. I don’t know why. There’s about one or two that I’ve warmed up to. Other times, it’s like being on a first date. Without the whole “I love you part.”
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Well this is romantic
read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1tPv84O

by ForTheLoveOfFangirling

After a night of drinking Merlin and Arthur end up in the stables and soon after Arthur is searching for his discarded pants.

Words: 1662, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1tPv84O
Future Magic-Slavery AU

I have this freaking awesome idea at one point that was like a future magical AU. Each sorcerer is magically bound to a nobleman and is forced to obey their commands. There’s like a collar brand of some sort and if a direct command is disobeyed, then it causes a great deal of pain until the command is fulfilled, like electric shocks or something. If one continues to resist the command, the shocks will eventually become lethal.

To do this on purpose is to commit suicide by disobedience.

So starts out that Tom Collins, who was Arthur’s bound sorcerer, tried to kill Arthur because Tom’s mother was old and feeble and physically incapable and completing the task her master set her and was killed by her bond. So Arthur needs a new sorcerer. Merlin had been bound to Will, but Will was such a rebel that he refused to give Merlin any commands at all and gave him as much freedom as he possibly could and treated him like anyone else. But then some douchebags (maybe Valient and Dagr or someone) took offense to how lenient Will was and attacked them both. The only order Will ever gave Merlin was to save himself, but Merlin interpreted it as an order to save them both. He couldn’t manage to save Will, though, and Will died. It was just his word against the assailants, and they both insisted that Will had ordered Merlin to attack them and they had reacted in self defense. And the word of a sorcerer slave means nothing.

Merlin is reassigned and bound to Arthur. Merlin is obviously ridiculously outspoken for a bound sorcerer and opens Arthur’s eyes to a lot of things by doing stuff like, for one, speaking out frankly and, for another, waiting as long as he can possibly stand to fulfill an order so that Arthur can see how much it hurts him to disobey, even for small commands like fetching something from across the room. When Arthur sees how excruciating the bond is for Merlin, and because Merlin is acting like a person with a personality instead of a obedient magical slave, he starts finding it hard to justify subjugating people like him for the mere fact that they have magic. He starts questioning everything his father has told him about sorcerers and how they need to be bound because they’re evil and cruel and violence when they’re uncontrolled.

I had more to the story at one point. Something about Morgana developing her powers late and never being tested, so she’s unbound. Morgana working with her bound sorcerers Morgause on a way to break the binding. Nimueh was Uther’s bound sorceress and was secretly trying to kill him, I think. Morgana tagged Merlin to bring him into the plan but Merlin was already trusting Arthur by then because it was clear that Arthur was coming around. He was treating Merlin more conscientiously and being more careful about his phrasing so he didn’t accidentally say something that could be interpreted by the bond as a direct order when he didn’t mean for it to be and phrasing things as questions more often so Merlin has the option of not obeying or at least questioning the order.

I had a romance scene where Arthur wanted to kiss Merlin but Merlin resisted very strongly because Freya committed suicide by disobedience after years of sexual abuse by her master. But Arthur swore on his honor that he would never command anything like that from Merlin, no matter what, and he would never bring it up again if Merlin would just give him one kiss of his own will. Idk, it was just a really cool universe to play around in.


Hey there. This pallet, god. Took a long time trying to beat the colors into making some sense, and I learned a lot but my brain is fried. Please just imagine they’re by the sea having a little moment, and take me back to season one. ;v;

Bonus: Failed first attempt. I always want to do simple and clean with lines and flat colors but nope. By the time I realize, it’s already partway rendered and awkward-looking… and I usually end up having to go further…