The Madness of King Ganondorf: WW Monologue
  • The Madness of King Ganondorf: WW Monologue
  • The Wind Waker Dub

An interpretation of the final scene and monologue as given by Ganondorf in The Wind Waker.


Audio/Voices: Myself
Background Music: Ganondorf’s Theme (Ocarina of Time) by ZREO


  • This Ganondorf’s voice was very difficult to form. I tried to combine a variety of different accents, borrowing most heavily from Japanese due to the design he has in this particular game. I wanted to get something regal and powerful, but also tired.
  • Ganondorf, in his WW incarnation, has always been very interesting. I think he’s the most sympathetic in this version and at the same time, probably the most insane. He knows he has lost to the point where winning is no longer the objective - it is simply not to allow Link to succeed.
  • This is the only glimpse we have into his motivation aside from info given by other characters
  • This speech is taken from the moments directly before the final battle, and after. So….spoilers?
  • I decided not to include King Daphnes’ entire set of lines to keep the focus on Ganny 
  • Evil laughs are still fun

Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy.

Okay I want to talk about a scene from Twilight Princess that has really gotten me thinking about stuff. (Warning: I do mention self-harm in this theory, so if that makes you uncomfortable, please read with discretion!)

The first scene I couldn’t find a gif of at all, which is unfortunate, but you can look it up if you need a reference. So, anyway in the scene right before Zant meets Ganondorf, we get to see Zant’s emotional response to having been denied the throne.

He’s obviously very distressed, but I noticed something that I hadn’t really thought about on a deeper level until I re-watched that cutscene. After Zant falls to his knees, he eventually starts to hit his head on the ground. And not like, a ‘ugh this sucks’ little tap on the ground, like forcefully slamming his head onto the ground.

Back in 2007/8 when I played the game I didn’t really think much of this, but now I kinda wonder about it in a different light. Like, what if he does that as a coping method for whenever he’s really upset/as a self-inflicted punishment whenever he feels as if he’s failed? Zant is clearly not always in control of his emotions, and I feel like this could be a possibility. 

So now I’m basically wondering what would happen if he tried to do something like that when either Ganondorf or Ghirahim were around, and how the two of them would react to that. 

Really, the only reason I thought of all this was because I rewatched that cutscene and coulnd’t get the thought out of me head. That’s basically it.