funfact: when I was really little I use to hang out with my dad a lot while he worked on cars or when he went to get parts and whether it was in the garage or in his truck, early in the morning or late at night, he always had metal or 80′s-90′s rock playing SUPER loud while he worked (which is probably why he has hearing problems but anyway) and since I stayed with him really late, I always use to fall asleep to it. So after a while he started to notice that when he put on certain music, even  when we were just going to Walmart or something instead of looking at engines at three in the morning I would always get drowsy and basically pass the fuck out into this deep sleep and

long story short, that’s how my dad accidentally psychologically trained a seven year old to fall asleep on command by listening Korn’s latest album and Evanescence .


Has this been done?