My dear son Jaebum,
In my mind you had always been just a child; but before I knew it,
you had matured into a very ‘cool’ young man and I couldn’t be more proud of you.
My dear Jaebum, although I understand your good intentions when you always put others first and gladly sacrifice yourself for people around you, I worry that you might burn out from it all.
Instead of always focusing on what’s ahead and running hard toward your goals, how about taking a breath to look after yourself and maybe even lean on others around you for advice in your times of need?
Your family – Mom, Dad, Jehan and Peatry love you so much.
More than anything, please stay healthy.
Love, dad.
—  Letter from his dad

anonymous asked:

Would Jay Park be dominant in bed? How would rough sex be with him?

Oh girl, Jay Park would be so dominant don’t even. 

But seriously I think Jay Park would love to be dominant in bed for most of the time. I do see him liking for his girl to take the lead once in a while (probably when he’s tired but still horny), but if he welcomes you to his bed, odds are he’s going to be the one calling the shots. 

Rough sex with Jay would be amazing (of course any sex with him would be amazing) he would want to be in total control. There would probably be a lot of spanking and biting involved, and lots of dirty talk. He’d probably tease the shit out of you too. 

Hope that was satisfactory, haha :)