I want movies from the Harry Potter universe of all different genres that aren’t necessarily related to the main series. Like horror movies from the HP universe. Like can you imagine how terrifying a horror movie would be with the added element of magic? Fucking boggarts in the house and no one knows that’s what it is! Or how sweet Romcoms could be? “I flew on my broomstick for hundreds of miles in the cold to find you and tell you I love you.” The heartfelt drama about the out of place teacher that finds their home inspiring people at Hogwarts. Sports movies about famous quidditch matches and seasons and stories. Murder mysteries from aurors. Biopics about the Weird Sisters and shit. Quintessential teen movies that take place at wizard summer camps. Basically I need wizard movies in my life.

(accidentally gains a new headcanon)

SO. I was complaining about how little screentime Remus Lupin gets in OotP and HBP, even though he should totally be writing back and forth with Harry the whole time (imagine OotP reasonable parent!Remus though: “Yes, I know Molly is a little over protective, it’s just because she loves you. Don’t listen to Sirius either, though, because he’s a bit reckless. Find the balance, it’ll be okay.”)

This thought spawned the idea of Hermione being in contact with Remus. Starting in November of ‘94 (“Harry got chosen for the Tournament and now he and Ron aren’t speaking and I’m so worried. I’m sorry, I didn’t know who else to go to.”), and carrying on through the end of sixth year, at which point everything changes. But it’s a combination of “I need a reasonable magical adult to talk to who isn’t actively teaching at the school” and “good gods why is nobody telling Remus things he deserves to be in the loop” and then they end up having a very close relationship and then someday she is the reasonable parental figure to the next generation in turn.