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Hockey Michael #1

It’s the usual, a casual Saturday evening working at the local hockey arena. You work at the concession stand where they sell the snacks, watching all the hockey players from little kids in the ‘learn to skate program’ to older men and women playing in fun leagues. It was always fun seeing the people walk in and out, but your favourite thing of all was seeing the boys your age come in for their games or practices. Specifically Clifford number 77. He wasn’t the typical hockey player. He had a different hair color so often it was hard to keep track of, and he didn’t look like the typical hockey player either, but man could he play. He’s a center man and a play maker. He didn’t exactly score all the goals but he set them up.

“Hi could I get medium coffee two milk and two sugar?” A customer asks

“Sure thing” I smile looking up at the Michael Clifford.

“Thank you.”

“You’re Michael Clifford right?” You ask politely knowing damn well it’s him.

“Yes and you are (Y/N)” he smiles looking at your name tag “you should watch my game after your shift?”

“For sure” you handed him his coffee and he payed for it.

True to what you said you sat in the stands along with all of the other cheering fans. Michael took the face off and went straight to the net and scored 30 seconds into the first period. You watched him search the crowd and finally locked eyes with you and he winked pointing at you.

“Is he your boyfriend” the girl beside you asked.

“No” I smile shaking my head.

The game was over and Michael had gotten into a fight with a boy that had looked up into the stands at you too. You knew as soon as he did it, it was to piss Michael off.

“Come on” you sigh pulling him behind you to the medical room “why the hell did you do that?”

“I didn’t like the way he looked at you.”

“Well, he got a pretty good hit on you” you smile dabbing the blood away from his nose.

“Would you go on a date with me?” He asks holding your hand on his knee “I see you all the time here and I think you’re just beautiful and I’d love to take you out.”

“Yea I’d love to go out with you Clifford, just promise me no fights?”

“I promise no fights, I’ll see you soon (Y/N).”

He stood and placed a soft kiss you your cheek and left.