12 Art Projects 2015 - Fanart (January)
Ghibli Series - Whisper Of The Heart

This is one of my personal favorites of the series, actually. I like how the colors came out.
Whisper Of The Heart is such an underrated movie, and I came to love it very much. I like the conviction Shizuku shows to finish her project of writing a good story. Her creative process really reminds me of when I was younger and still used to draw comic shorts. Sometimes it’s hard to finish something like this. It’s very much a self test.

I also like all the scenes in the antique shop, so beautiful. One day I wanna make my own Baron statue.

A reason Big Hero 6 and it’s popularity are important:

I didn’t have these growing up, y’know. Not really. Kid’s movies, especially disney, were 90% fluff and princesses and stuff like that. That’s not what I wanted. I wanted Treasure Planet, I wanted Atlantis, Nausicaa, Castle in the Sky, Prince of Egypt, Spirit, and too many more to name. I loved action and adventure movies. Still do, really.

This is why BH6 is needed. Hopefully girls and boys can get action and adventure and awesomeness in the future in a way that’s different from what stuff like Frozen delivers from major companies. My family had to look long and hard for those, and can you really say that any of my favorites got major franchises? Did Atlantis do well? Did Treasure Planet? What about Prince of Egypt?

Disclaimer: I do not dislike princess movies, romance, or Frozen (I actually kinda like Frozen). I did watch them as a kid. My favorite parts there were the comedy, though, not the things that a stereotypical little girl is supposed to like. They are not bad, and I am in no way implying that things like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, etc. are worse or better as a genre. They’re just not my taste.


In Japanese folklore, Gashadokuro, also known as Odokuro, are giant skeletons, fifteen times taller than an average person, and are constructed from the bones of people who have died from starvation. Their bones are collected into this giant skeleton creature which is filled with intense anger and a thirst for human blood. He wanders around at night, grinding his teeth and making a “gachi gachi” sound. The giant skeleton towers so high above the ground and walks so quietly that he can be almost invisible. The only warning you get when the giant skeleton is near is a strange and inexplicable ringing in your ears.

If the Gashadokuro finds you, he will reach down with his bony hand and snatch you off the ground. Then he will pluck your head off and suck the blood out of your headless body until his thirst is quenched.