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I recently discovered your blog and it is truly great. Could you please do a reaction on Shinhwa doing a dance battle with the girl they like? Keep up the amazing work. ^v^

OMG, you’re so sweet! Thank you for the support & request!^^

Eric: “I shall attack her with a cuteness explosion so that she can’t use those sexy hips of hers to win!”

Andy: “Here goes what’s left of my spirit!”  *‘90s POWER!*

Junjin: “I shall move my hips with the rhythm of the salsa I don’t know and just win her heart!”

Hyesung: *tries following your steps* *gets the hammer* “I guess I’m gonna lose, so I better make it cute.”

Minwoo: “How… does… she… shake… all… the things?!”

Dongwan: “This shall be my K.O move!” *BAM! hip thrust*

honestly i am so, so thankful for eric because he is the first man in my life who doesn’t try to forcibly “fix” me, or demean me when i fuck up - he’s there by my side always to support me, to pick me up after i beat myself up, and to guide me into the right direction towards bettering myself, and loving me despite my numerous flaws

he makes me see sunshine when i’m stuck within my personal hell storms, which no one else in my life has been able to do before, and i can’t be more thankful for having him in my life

“I hate when people say that the fact Ariel signed her name on Ursula’s contract means it’s a plot hole because “why didn’t she just write Eric a note explaining everything!!” Because what would you write? How would you even begin to explain everything? There’s no plot hole there, Ariel despite being an impulsive and obsessive teenager was smart enough to know her only option was to win him over, not write a note of a crazy, albeit true, story and hope he believes it.”