Roygen invited Dongwan, Minwoo, Andy, Eric, Junjin and Hyesung.
Q: What is fashion?!
Eric: is an outward expression of your inner self according to the flow of society…
Andy: What are you talking about!
Andy: Fashion is, of course, what completes me!
Hyesung: That is good too but isn’t fashion ultimately what raises the class of style?
Minwoo: Ya! Don’t you know? Fashion is TOP (Time Occasion Place)! It’s our song title kekeke
Junjin: No no, if you speak of fashion, it is of course me! kekeke
Junjin: Don’t you know fashion king Junjin?
Dongwan: Fashion is cooking. We cook fashion~ we cook fashion!!!!

photo sr: 怒点极低的脸同学 weibo 
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Eric’s Tears from “Discovery of Love” Moves Viewers

Eric’s Tears from “Discovery of Love” Moves Viewers

Warning: Mild Spoilers Ahead

During episode nine of “Discovery of Love,” Kang Tae Ha (portrayed by Eric) actually discovered the true meaning of love.

On his way back from the lumber mill with Han Yeo Reum (portrayed by Jung Yoo Mi), he passes a fishing pond where he used to go with Yeo Reum’s father. He remembers her father saying to him, “There aren’t any girls like Yeo Reum nowadays. Please…

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