eric wants to share oxygen with me 

there’s a story that comes along with this experience too so i’m gonna share it with you guys okay *ahem* leggo

so basically, i tweet eric randomly, i tweet kevin randomly, i just like to randomly tweet people lol so my above tweet was actually tweeted like, 3 hours or so before eric actually mentioned me and i was almost positive he wasn’t going to see it. but he did. i went to sleep early bc i had school tomorrow and so, i set my alarms and put my phone on top of my clock like i usually do. the only thing was, this time, i forgot to turn my phone onto mute from vibrate (AND THANK GOD I FORGOT). so when eric tweeted me, my phone vibrated VIGOROUSLY against my clock causing me to wake up all grumpy like.. who’s messaging me at this time of night (ง •̀┌┐•́)ง

but when i checked my phone i had twitter notifications and IT WAS ERIC so i silently freaked out to myself and spazzed in bed in the dark with no one and I WAS JUST SO HAPPY AND EXCITED my heart was pounding a lot and i don’t think i was even formulating proper sentences through my tweets it was just omg and then i couldn’t sleep lol - MORAL OF THE STORY KEEP YOUR PHONE’S SOUND ON AT NIGHT BC YOU NEVER KNOW

you never know (*≧艸≦)

Eric’s Tears from “Discovery of Love” Moves Viewers

Eric’s Tears from “Discovery of Love” Moves Viewers

Warning: Mild Spoilers Ahead

During episode nine of “Discovery of Love,” Kang Tae Ha (portrayed by Eric) actually discovered the true meaning of love.

On his way back from the lumber mill with Han Yeo Reum (portrayed by Jung Yoo Mi), he passes a fishing pond where he used to go with Yeo Reum’s father. He remembers her father saying to him, “There aren’t any girls like Yeo Reum nowadays. Please…

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ROYGBIV is Rishi Kaneria’s one minute supercut examining (and celebrating) Pixar’s use of color. Music by Moderat.