Hyesung imitates Eric(’s rapping) while Junjin imitates Hyesung


Warm up for all those Super Bowl commercials with some help from Saturday Night Live. 

The Dauntless - Part 5

Eric/OC fanfic. A round of capture the flag evolves into mind games…


Training guns went off behind him, unrhythmic, unlike the steady beat of his feet against the pavement; jogging. He caught a glance of golden, by the ferris wheel, and slowed down.

“You’re guarding the flag?” he approached her, moved into a walk. Not that surprised that they had left her behind – but even so, he had not imagined to find the flag practically unprotected. Eric had slipped past Four’s attack group and gone after the flag on his own. It was easier, when the other team was busy playing out their strategies. Theirs had been to leave a group behind to guard the perimeter, and send the rest searching in opposite directions. If it was impossible to capture the flag alone, the person in search would return to the group and they would go together.

She seemed small by the foot of the ferris wheel. The structure itself amazing. Four poles tilted against each other in pairs, and connected through the centre of the wheel. Like a little kept a lot together.
The flag glowed softly behind her, hung over one of the carts. A breeze pulled slightly at the fabric. Its position suggested that he would have to climb to get it.

“Yeah,” she slid sideways, a lesson learned the last time she fought him, aiming her gun at his chest. 

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One of the most precious moments in Shinhwa career. The 1st ever Daesang they get, thanks to their hard work & dedication & SHCJ support. And what makes it even more precious is its timing. It was after they went through a lot of hardships; moving to a new agency, standing up to those who tried to put them down & expected them to disband. Insisting to remain as a group & fighting for their dream, coming back “Brand New” wz a masterpiece album & songs of their own creation, Shinhwa were finally able to make their dream come true, sweeping well-deserved awards here & there. Power to them ♥

"Until now, everyone had hoped & anticipated, but every time you linked arms over the loss of the Daesang. Today, we finally got it.
Since long ago, I’ve thought of the “Daesang”, not because of Shinhwa..But because all of you, Shinhwa Changjo. “We’ve to get it for all of you”, was what I thought. I’m really happy that this wish finally came true today. I want to thank all of my beloved Shinhwa members & all our lovely fans. Thank you.”


The other day, Ohio Governor John Kasisch invoked Abraham Lincoln to argue against progressive taxes. He said, “You cannot build a little guy up by tearing a big guy down … Abraham Lincoln said it then, and he’s right.” Lincoln, of course, never actually said that, but a preacher who was born eight years after the president’s death did. Lincoln actually created the very first federal income tax, and it was progressive. So, not only did Lincoln not say it, he wouldn’t have said it. 

"Lincoln was a Republican" is a tired old trick, and I was immediately reminded of this 30 Rock episode.