Varric’s new nickname for the Inquisitor is Loverboy. He knows far before anyone else, and of course, everyone else is dying to know who has caught his illustriously handsome gaze.
The inquisitor is stiff around Dorian, polite around Josephine, downright drunk with Bull, but no one seems to catch him around Cassandra.
Until their overzealous planning about meeting times is hilariously overlapped with Leliana and Cullen’s prayer sessions with Mother Giselle. Cassandra’s gasping calls of “Maker!” and “Andraste bless your tongue!” sent the Seeker into a long period of social exile. And the Inquisitor spent longer hours in the tavern, Bull clapping his back in sheer awe.
‘Loverboy’ was repeated henceforth in every room in Skyhold - although, never to his face.
There’s a rumor Cassandra will throw Bianca into a rift if Varric mentions this in his story, but he also threatens to end Swords & Shields. The standoff has yet to reach a climax.

@ everyone STOP pretending that sebastian is a pure innocent child who can do no wrong he’s hot blooded as fuck and the last living person he considered family was fucking blown up right in front him let him be fucking livid let him invade kirkwall let him be the fucking angry son of a bitch he deserves to be!!!! let him be a wicked person and make bad decisions!!!!! god damn!!!! y’all acting like he would just walk away from kirkwall’s destroyed chantry whistling zip-a-dee-doo-dah and wanting to pick flowers!!! that’s not how this works!!!!!!