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Reblog if you're a cockles shipper who respects their wives and their privacy and if you still love Jared and the J2 friendship...

I keep on hearing that cockles shippers hate the wives and disrespect Jensen and Misha and hate Jared..

But… Here I am.. Jmdv shipper who loves Jared to death and doesn’t so much as mention them in my tweets..

I know there’s got to be more of us out there.

Suggestive Cockles part 2

HEYA THERE GUYS! Part one here. Kick back and enjoy the ride. Excuse the bumps on the road. Even the road got boners because of Cockles.

Again, there’s a WHOLE BUNCH of suggestive moments, but I’m gonna list some of my favorites, okay? I don’t know why I’m asking you, it’s not like you have a choice can reply.

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I’ve had “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” stuck in my head for two days and I genuinely feel like it’s punishment for shipping Cockles and I don’t know why.


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Okay so did anyone else listen to this song and think “Wait, so is this Dean talking to Cas or Jensen talking to Misha?” Because listen to the lyrics and tell me they don’t fit. Fucking tell me, I dare you.

Why I feel Demon!dean will most likely last only 3 episodes

I recently read an article where Jeremy carver said that the demon!dean plot would last “at least” 3 episodes, and while that would seem like good news, what it probably means is the demon!dean plot will be only be 3 episodes long, and this might be a tactic to either a) prevent us from freaking out due to lack of demon!dean and/or b)keep our hopes up.
If it were really longer than 3 episodes I’m sure we would know. And even though my theory about that article seems far fetched, Jensen recently mentioned that he spent most of filming 10x03 “tied up” which probably means he was getting cured.
Also, in 10x05, the plot is that dean and Sam investigate a musical which they suspect is haunted. Demon!dean (according to Jensen) does not give a crap about anyone or anything, and loves to kill. If he were still a demon in 10x05, why would he go on a hunt to save people with Sammy unless he was no longer a demon?
Btw, I’m not saying that the mark of Cain will be gone by 10x03, and I highly suspect one of the main themes of season ten will be the Winchester brothers trying to get rid of the mark of Cain.
It’s just extremely probable dean will no longer be a demon by 10x03.
So what if demon!dean is really gone by 10x03? I’m not sure if I would be relieved or disappointed.

I love this picture. And it isn’t just because they’re hugging. It’s because you can see how much Misha is trying to comfort him. Anybody that knows what happened at (JIBCON)knows how bad of a day Jensen was having. Misha literally came to the rescue when he realized his friend best friend was having trouble on stage. This really proves how close these two are, there’s no doubt that they love each other. It warms my heart to know how much they care. Misha knows how shy Jensen can be and he helped him. HE MADE SURE JENSEN WAS OKAY.

These two are amazing. I have nothing but respect and love for them both.