There’s something just. starlingly sad about this shot of this scene. Look at him. Look at him dancing alone like a fucking loser on this banister, all by himself. Staring at the goddamned wall. This is the view you would see if you came into the Trancy manor dining hall and looked up right at that moment, just the back of this sad, strange, dance-craven man. Look a the way his hair floops. Look at his arms. Look at how much he’s just rocking out to himself. Claude, you are such a fucking dork. 

look at this look them look look loook at claude’s face. look at the way his eyes just relax when his wee pal lands on his shoulder. like everything is finally right in the world. nothing could be better. and look at how the wee canary pal just looks at him for a while like ‘what u doin papa claude whats up??’ and and and and and oh my god goodbye.