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Hi do you think you could write an AU for 7x16 where when castle is checking Beckett for being impregnated and stuff she says " if you think that's how I GOT pregnant" and she tells castle there

Sorry for taking so long! Its a tad short but I hope I did okay:)

This case was really beginning to get on her nerves, as was Castle. His incessant sci-fi theories were wearing on her. And she’s not too happy that he went and dropped her earlier either. 

They make their way through the dank, dark basement-like room, their flashlights doing little to help with visibility. Of course Castle is sprouting yet another one of his “brilliant” theories, this time something about Alien, which she is barely paying attention to anymore….until she feels something on her neck and she whips her head around to catch sight of Castle’s hands running up ind down  her body. What the hell?

"What are you doing?" she asks with a hint of both annoyance and confusion in her voice.

"Checking you for bites and scratches. Making sure you didn’t somehow get impregnated." he says as if its the most obvious thing in the world, continuing his process. 

She rolls her yes and squirms away from his roaming hands. “If you think that’s how I got pregnant then we need to talk.”

She continues searching the warehouse, oblivious to the confession that just slipped out of her mouth.

She turns around when she realizes that Castle is no longer trailing behind her and finds hims staring at her with his mouth agape and a look of complete surprise in his eyes. ‘What?” she says.

"How you got pregnant?” he asks, studying her face intently.

She looks at him like she’s not quite comprehending what he’s asking her.

"You’re…pregnant?” he breathes, his confusion changing to awe.

She stands there, confused for a second, and has to go back through their conversation in her head before the realization of what she said hits her.

She suddenly ducks her head, her eyes looking up at him through her curtain of hair as she smiles at him with a sudden softness.

 “I was going to tell you tonight but…”she walks towards him and brings up her hand to caress his cheek. “I guess my mind had a mind of its own. She’s grinning how as she searches his face with full confidence and joy in her eyes. “Castle, I’m pregnant.”

He laughs and suddenly she is swooped up in his arms as he spins her in a circle before he fuses his lips to hers. When he finally sets her down and pulls back a grin has broken out on his face as well. He leans his forehead against hers and lets out another breathless laugh.

"We’re gonna have a baby." he whispers.

She is leaning up to kiss him again when a loud hissing sound emits from behind them, quickly breaking them out of their revere.

Damn, she really hates this case.

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