this is fucking bullshit
Frankie has been a have-not ONCE and just cuz he thinks he’s fucking entitled to sleep in the HOH room every night cuz he’s a “social media mogul” is fucking bullshit. Frankie should be forced to be a have-not for the rest of the season maybe that’ll put him in is place. Poor Nicole has been picked on nonstop since she got back and now she’s a have-not again. This just caused my hatred for Frankie to go up 200%


Happy 30th Birthday Ashish Sharma

I finally understood the meaning of 30 in ur twitter id..hehe..I’ll never have enough words to describe my love for you *sigh*..No matter where you are I’ll never stop  phan-girlin over you..You just make me happy all the time moonchiya and for that I owe you so much..Thankyou for being Rudra and making me go habad dabad all the time.You are a life ruiner sucks but I still love you bae..May bhaggu bless you with immense happiness and good health (Just go for a physio for a month after JDJ you’ll need it bb) 

ps:you have no idea how much Im going to be missing you like from watching u 7 days a week to 0..I’ll actually be a DevD..drowning in my sorrows..

-your pankhi hamesha..