beyonce I’m kinda dissapointed in you tbh. You’re rich and fameus and have so much power but you’re barely raising awareness for Ferguson or any other tragedies (Mexico for example)??? I would’ve done so much more if I were you

Breaking Bad || Roof || Kav and Milo

When I got back to my room after training I was greeted by a bulk of supplies Daylan and Ms. Davis managed to get for me. What Kaffira said yesterday about enjoying his “last days” stayed with me for whatever reason, and given the chance I may not walk out of here alive I might as well do the same.

I showered and changed into a plain button down, my jeans, boots and jacket I wore from the Reaping and headed up to the roof. No way I would be able to use the materials in the suite, let alone the building.

The roof was deserted when I got up there. I settled myself down, laid out the tarp that was wrapped around my bundle and got to work. Owun was right in stating that we did have “limited resources” back in Twelve, and while the hospital had a nice supply of drugs, chemicals, etc., there were some materials we did not possess. The Capitol on the other hand, had anything I could possibly want, and given my bkacground I’m assuming it didn’t seem too out of place for Daylan and Ms. Davis to request the supplies. 

Throughout my studies I encountered some chemical reactions and experiments I had always wanted to test out, but given the lack of said chemicals I never had the opportunity. Now I have the chance to satisfy my curiosities. I pulled on a pair of gloves and goggles and set down an empty soda can, in it I placed a strip of a magnesium ribbon. I had wanted to light one of these up for quite a while. I struck a long match and ignited the tip. It immediately caught fire and emitted a bright light that bordered the intensity of the sun. I gazed at it out of the corner of my eye, knowing all too well to look directly at it.

As the light died down I heard someone behind me. I turned and saw the guy from Six. “Well, this must look awkward.” I laughed as I pulled the goggles down around my neck, “Well met, I’m Kav of Twelve.”: