Deadpool Villains

With his movie in the works and Ryan Reynolds returning to reprise his role, there has been a lot of buzz about it; however, I noticed a lot of people I talk to (even Deadpool fans) don’t really know his villains, or I should say that they don’t know anyone he has fought on a very personal level. So here are three badguys that our Merc With A Mouth has faced with the hatred being completely mutual.

These villains are in no particular order.

1. Slayback

The man known as Gregory Terraerton was among the agents who had the potential for a bright future with Department H. Cybernetically enhanced, Slayback worked along with Garrison Kane, Sluggo and Deadpool (who in that time was know as Wade). Despite growing up in a loving home with money, Slayback still ended up not only needing the services of the Weapon X program but becoming a maniacal killer who truly enjoyed seeing people suffer. Wade quickly found out that Terraerton was completely psychotic. Having no other option, Wade killed his former comrade using explosives…Or so he thought. Slayback’s body takes ten years to recorporate. Once his body is complete he begins to exact his revenge against Deadpool.

He could really work for the movie or it’s possible sequels due to his history with Deadpool. Here we find a man who came up with him in the Weapon X program. He is essentially a very dark reflection of Deadpool. Wade has comitted terrible acts and actually feels regret over them; however, Gregory couldn’t give a damn.

2. Ajax

Francis started out as an enforcer at Dr. Killbrew’s laboratory; which would take Weapon X rejects and perform tests on them. One of the test subjects was Wade Wilson who was one of the few inmates that stood up to Francis. Of course this, in turn, caused all of the other inmates to gain some hope. Francis made Deadpool pay for this and tortured Wade’s friend named Worm. Wade ended up killing worm to ease his pain. Francis received permission to kill Wade; and so he did. However, when they left, Wade’s healing factor started and he was revived. Time and again wade was subjected to life threatening tortures but would survive. This started massive bet on whether or not he could actually die (thus he was named Deadpool) Francis would try to kill Wade again, but ended getting shot and was apparently killed. Later, it was found out that Francis was recovered by Weapon X personnel, and rebuilt by Killebrew into the super powerful and mentally unstable Ajax.

Recently it was confirmed the Ed Skrein would be playing this psychopath in the Deadpool movie. Is he the primary antagonist? Probably which is very awesome. Ajax plays a key role in shaping who Deadpool is. Without him, there might not be a Deadpool. He also provides a very interesting challenge for the anti-hero. While Deadpool has super healing and enhanced physicals, Ajax has super strength (10 tons or higher) and can move so fast that he can create “sonic micro booms” by snapping his fingers, rub his hands together so rapidly that they burst into flame, and literally boil an opponent alive via friction heat. Very pumped to see this fight on the big screen!

3. T-Ray

A practitioner of the mystic arts, T-Ray is considered to be Deadpool’s Archnemesis. At first T-Ray was merely annoyed with Deadpool, and his antics at the Hellhouse (club for mercs and assassins). They argued a bit, but it was a while before it would come to blows. When they did fight however, T-Ray used his magic on Deadpool, who was knocked into a coma and covered with snow for several days. Deadpool recovered, and on their next meeting T-Ray told him the story of his past, and that T-Ray was the real Wade Wilson. He told of a wounded mercenary named Jack who was nursed to health by Wade and his wife Mercedes. However, once Jack was well, he turned on T-Ray trying to kill him and steal his identity, and accidentally killed Mercedes too. Is he the real Wade Wilson?

I really like T-Ray; however, he might be way to confusing to be put in a movie. Humor can be built off of the identity problem, but it has taken years worth of appearances to truly do that.

Newcomers might be put off by the whole “whose the real Wade Wilson” idea. More often then not, Deadpool is said to be the real Wade.

For me though, I would love to see him on the big screen.