May 27th, 15

           When we were younger, boy we were warriors. Maps full of missions to accomplish, and we were so brave. Two beating hearts separated across the globe - somehow we made it seem closer than home. Your name was the best five letters I knew how to string together, and your voice was the easiest tune to memorize. We would talk about how the world was small, we were so naïve. Trees and mountains, oceans and highways, anything in between seemed less than terrifying. Somehow, at the youngest age of glory you made the world seem manageable.

I’ve never touched your face, because we were too afraid to work on something that fragile. While we may have been victorious in our endeavors, we were too young to play a game ruthless like love. So I wrote your name across notebook pages, and dedicated songs on the radio to you. Sending each link throughout the years only hoping that you would make a record, something incredibly long with the songs you said were yours. A gift from myself, not a dollar spent - but an entire soul invested. I never wanted anything more than to tell you that your hands looked smaller than they should, and I wanted to tell you that it was alright - that your hands looked small. Your proportions weren’t important, I didn’t care about the metal on your teeth, or the bags under your eyes. The worlds that flowed out of your mouth like rivers go were the best reasons to count the minutes in between days. The words that flew out of your mouth like leaves during storms reminded me that some people are more beautiful than Mother Nature; some people get to have it all.

So I had started to believe that you were a piece of earth herself, because everything you did seemed so natural. Your voice never cracked, and your words never aged. I had believed that everything you did, everything you would become was just an act of art. Imagining masterpieces lining the walls of a museum, God I thought you were the most valuable art form.

But like nature - like her vicious qualities, when you destroyed the land between us, when you told me that our worlds would eventually collide, I swore that you were wrong. Searching for answer after answer, I swore to my friends, to the world that there was a reason. However, there never was - because you are nature. You’re the roots of grass beneath my feet, the reason the sky continues to show shades of blue. The undying romance between the sun and the moon, chasing each other throughout the hours of day and night. The water the covers more of our earth that we like to imagine. And when nature calls, when nature makes a mistake - or wanted to have some fun, the world has no answers.

Magical Night || St. Berry

Rachel had been planning something big since Jesse’s confession about missing out on prom. She had something in mind that she was sure would be adorable and give him a memorable night. She had gotten up early and slipped out the apartment to do some shopping. They were in the middle of packing but Rachel thought that a night off was just what they needed. Jesse had done so much for her lately, especially with getting her the kitten and for once, Rachel wanted to do something for her fiancé. She felt like she didn’t do nearly enough. Rachel stashed away the stuff she had bought and tried to figure out when she was going to have to kick Jesse out of the house. 

The day progressed like normal. Rachel tried really hard to pretend to be normal. She was terrible at keeping secrets from Jesse but she was bound to not spoil this one for him. She looked at the clock and figured that now was the best time to put the rest of her plan into action. “Hey babe.” she called out as she carried the new kitten into the living room. “I have a favor to ask. Do you think you can run to the house and pick up something for me? I need it for tomorrow and I didn’t realize I already packed it. And I need you to run and pick me up some stuff from the store that’s on my list.”