50 Days of Doctor Who 50th-Day 32

Post the best Who gif you’ve ever seen (give credit to whoever made it.)

Well I really love the gifset where all the Doctor’s regenerations are animated, but I don’t know who made it and I can’t seem to find it anywhere!! I know it’s technically like 11 gifs, but It’s just so cool, and most of the faces inbetween regenerations look great, just like the comments say( I remember 8.5 and 10;5 being my favorites) If anyone has a link to that post/set, please send it to me!!

anonymous said:

Any idea where I can get some Gendry x Robert gifsets?

Ummm unfortunately I don’t really know. I know of this gifset that parallels Robert/Ned with Gendry/Arya and also this gifset that parallels the Baratheon brothers and Gendry and this gifeset of Gendry/Robert/Stannis/Renly.

But other than that, no idea.

If anyone wants to help anon out…?