carleigh-reynolds asked:

ASDFGHJKL I am so in love with your blog. Janet is one of my fcs and it's so hard to find gifs of her. Your blog is a godsent. Thank you for all the gifs !!!


seriously, i actually made this blog BECAUSE i was having the exact same problem you were finding specific gifs/pics for my writing inspo blogs (which in turn makes gifaroos look like an ode to JMs face, which, lbh, it is), and i figured i’d make a little collective vs just posting them on said blogs so i could help my friends as well. i’m for reals floored by how many people like and reblog my silly gifs, and it honestly makes me SO happy that you sent me this ask and that i’m able to help you too. if you (or anyone) ever have any you want in particular just let me know~