2008 Olympic Freestyle Gold Medalist and MMA fighter Henry Cejudo (6-0)

I don’t know what to expect from Cejudo’s UFC debut this Saturday (August 30th). I’m not even sure he makes weight come Friday.

What I do know is that if the UFC is trying to fast track Cejudo, Jorgensen is the guy to do it against. We haven’t really seen the other assets of Cejudo’s MMA arsenal (and rightly so I guess). He only turned pro in March of 2013 and only two of his opponents have had a winning record. In steps Scott Jorgensen, a former contender at 135 that is a wrestler with a crude striking game and a deteriorating chin. If there’s anyone in the top 15 (why is Jorgensen in the top 15 when he’s gone 2-5 in his last 7 and 1-2 at flyweight?) that Cejudo should be able to beat, it’s Jorgensen.

Cejudo should be able to outwrestle any at flyweight with combo of skill and strength. Here’s hoping he makes weight.