I hate when old white people find out im mixed race because then they be like
“Oh, I think mixed raced people are the most beautiful.”
Like, so if I was just black what would I be???? Am I only pretty because I have white in me? Would I no longer be pretty in your eyes if I was just black? Maybe I’m just being sensitive about this but it pisses me off.

@white people stop comparing my people’s skin to foods like chocolate and caramel and shit. While, yes most people enjoy those foods, it still remains a fact that some people don’t like those foods. For example, I fucking LOVE ranch dressing. I’ll drink that shit from a jar I don’t give a fuck. but I know a bunch of people who hate ranch dressing. So if I were to say you, a white person, had “skin as white as ranch dressing,” even in a positive light, you’d obviously get offended, especially if you don’t like ranch dressing. Understood? Thanks.