Hey writers and artists and whoever else cares,

Peregrine falcons have a real specific form of hunting. I saw someone recently describe it wrong and I felt like gushing.
From Wikipedia:

Once prey is spotted, it begins its stoop, folding back the tail and wings, with feet tucked. Prey is typically struck and captured in mid-air; the peregrine falcon strikes its prey with a clenched foot, stunning or killing it with the impact, then turns to catch it in mid-air. If its prey is too heavy to carry, a peregrine will drop it to the ground and eat it there.   

Yeah ,man. Peregrine falcons almost exclusively eat birds, and because they can dive at 200mph, they stun their prey in midair. This, it turns out, is a lot easier than swooping and trying to grab something as you zoom past. 

It’s rad, you can apparently hear the smack of impact if you are watching, and at least one source tells me that the impact can dislodge the prey’s feathers.

Anyways, here’s a peregrine falcon attacking a bird three times its size.