The ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ On Fire In China

Thanks to the rapid and transient characteristics of the internet, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has gotten celebrities like Bill Gates, James Franco, Oprah, and Mark Zuckerberg to pour a bucket of ice water on themselves, spreading to Chinese social media and Chinese stars. The CEO of “Chinese Apple” Xiaomi, Nicholas Tse, Kwai Lun-mei, Jay Chou, Andy Lau, and other celebrities, even state media Xinhua, have taken up the challenge to help raise funds and awareness for ALS. Some use it as a PR opportunity, some do the challenge without being challenged for the sake of popularity, and some sincerely hope to raise awareness. We have selected a few for you to watch below.

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It truly is an honor that to be a part of team Wang Leehom. He is by far in my humble opinion the most talented artist in Asia for many reasons. His concert tour “Music Man” is one of the most successful tours in China’s history. What is most important is that he lives for a purpose bigger than himself. His mission is to bring Chinese pop culture to the world. Get ready because not only has he over taken China but very soon Madison Square Garden NYC will be next. #wangleehom #eastwest


Wang Leehom’s Free Show, Live in Taipei 1 Jan 12

I’m used to seeing him perform in big stadiums, so he looks to me a little too big simply playing a gig in this setting. But it’s nice seeing him do nothing but music for once. No pyrotechnics, no fancy stage lights, no commercials, no movies.

With so many other projects he’s working on these days, I just need a bit of reminding of what he REALLY is good at.