Vikings | Athelstan’s Journal: Gods

ragnar? he’s such a bloodthirsty barbaric heathen i don’t even- [trips] [hundreds of sketches of ragnar fall out of his journal] w-what a fuckign asshole listen ok these aren’t mine i don’t even like him i’m just [trying to gather them up frantically] listen i just listen [thousands of pictures of ragnar spill out onto the floor] listen fukc i’m just i’m drawing them for a friend just LISTEN
—  literally all I could think about when I watched ‘Athelstan’s Journal’

Torvik at Forward Into The Past

Torvik comes to Wilfrid Laurier University for Forward Into the Past!

Forward Into The Past is a one-day symposium that arranges speakers on a broad range of historical topics including the arts and crafts practiced by various cultures, history of particular regions, cultures, or times, and where feasible allows this learning to be conducted in a hands-on environment. An open-format day, Forward Into The Past is designed to allow academics, experimental archaeologists, members of the public, and members of various historical re-enactment and recreation groups to gather and explore history.

Torvik will be presenting a variety of crafters’ work, examples of clothing, and give a lecture on Viking armaments and tactics, afterwards presenting a live battle demonstration! 

The event will have a large variety of speakers, vendors and much more! 

More information available at: