Today was absolutely SPECTACULAR.

Granted, my ability to laugh at myself came in handy through some insanely fun yet embarrassing ordeals… Like getting asked to go on stage with mark/mark, or misha and Jim’s sassy attitude reflecting my q back at me… Putting me on the spot in front of everyone… But let’s be real: these people are fabulous. The panels were a riot, and I livetweeted as much as I could (@emilie_kjm) which hopefully helped! :)

I just wrote a super long-ass personal summary that I’ll put on my blog tomorrow as a separate page so as not to clog the vancon tag.

Misha was everything and more. And he remembered me. Our time between the panel/op was incredible. Bless him. More info tomorrow once I bring my laptop to get free wifi :)

Riding on a high cloud. Life is good.


O.O Wow. Just..O.M.C. Srsly guise, watch this, and weep at the beauty existing within this. Major 5ever WIN points to Sarah for giving that much. (And btw, I almost fainted when Jensen started up as autioneer!)


I still think the best birthday gift ever would be a video of Jensen (and Jared?) saying happy birthday for me. Or singing it…whatever. Just as long as it’s personalized to me I’m happy. Since I wanted to be at Vancon, but couldn’t afford it. Would have killed to have seen and hugged Jensen…