habitsfavoriterabbit said:
you should draw lee from whisperedfaith and noah from tribetwelve doing something jewish bc they’re both jewish memes
1/?? Friday Free Request Drawing

Tbh I didn’t know Lee was Jewish..ah well! I remember when I was little my mom was a nanny for a Jewish family long term, so we’d share holiday celebrations together. It was fun!

going to bed

waking up tomorrow at 9

doing a 30min vinyasa flow with sadie nardini

putting all my stuff into my car

then leaving :+)

  • not going to the ER because it’s not covered by insurance
  • and my mom just wrote a check for eleven thousand something dollars for this semester’s tuition/housing
  • ideally, I’d like to gain about 5 pounds
  • but I don’t want to think about gaining weight until I have this constipation issue figured out because there’s nothing more triggering than increasing my intake and becoming even more constipated because I just feel so large and overwhelming and pregnant
  • I’m done packing! :) I’m leaving tomorrow morning to move into my apartment
  • today is my 4 month anniversary with Jake
  • I did a core yoga video this morning because last night I read on an IBS-C forum that core work can stimulate bowel movements
  • didn’t stimulate a bowel movement but it was a nice video
  • it was this video if any of you guys want to do it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePfyAGKackQ&index=11&list=PLd5ROQXfOoC2UPesXmlFNiwvTeq9xqtr_ :-)

I think I’m going to stop counting calories

because I know too much

I know I need at least 20% of my calories from fat and at least 25g fiber but not over 40g fiber and at least X this and no more than X that blah blah blah to help prevent/relieve constipation and I feel so anxious about knowing this information and that just ~going with the flow~ might help me not stress about it and maybe poop normally??? maybe???

I have a lot of thoughts

one of them being I traded the mental aspect of my health for the physical part

like I don’t have any “Fear Foods” and I don’t give a fuck if I don’t exercise for a day or even a week at a time and I don’t struggle with OCD or anxiety (although I am always anxious about pooping but not towards anything else) I’m not depressed anymore I’m so happy with almost every aspect of my life + excited for the future

man my mental health rocks like my mom brought home coconut cashews from the NYS fair today and I had a bunch without even thinking twice about it like I literally thought “those sound good I’m going to try some” as opposed to 2 years ago I would’ve measured out exactly 1/4c of them, overestimated the calories, and then would’ve felt guilty about having them

but like my health is shit 

it’s times like now where I crave a healthy body and would be willing to go back to those dark times in order to have a healthy body

I think I’m going to give a low fodmap diet and/or raw vegan diet another go

I don’t know what else to try but I can’t just sit here not changing anything because what I’m doing now clearly isn’t working!

I mean

I basically ate raw vegan today

I had a larabar, a fig, a strawberry gatorade, and 8 servings of coconut almonds (lol) ((ate the whole bag of them)) (((no ragrets)))