Probably one of the most fascinating things about photography is its lack of neutrality. Except for a few occasions, the photographer does not intend that his or her capture reproduces from the other side and with absolute fidelity that little fragment of reality that sparked his or her interest just before pressing the shutter of the camera. And is that the mere fact of selecting what we want to photograph as we look through the viewfinder already involves a first step that moves away our photograph - its ultimate outcome- from the reality. That gap between reality and its capture reflects our position, our stance, even our opinion on what has been photographed. It represents, in short, the way we interpret reality -a moment, a place, a situation … - and reflects the wonderful power that gives us the photography when allows us to to adapt it to our subjectivity. I believe that such power is referred when Jos tells me there is something magical and addictive about capturing a moment in time and making it your own.

Funny how almost all those who love photography are able to remember when it became ‘something else’; that of which they can not do without in their lives. Not too long ago that Jos lives that magical inclination: just two years have been enough to her to feel transported into what she calls a creative journey that does not want to abandon, and where capturing images and photographic experimentation have become an irreplaceable experience of her day to day. It has to do probably with that immediacy, the fact that Jos takes all her photos with her iPhone; somehow, phones have become the powerful weapon that actually makes real that old aspiration to become full time photographers. Anyway, I believe that in her archives you will discover a much more advanced and more complex photography than would allow us to assume those two years of passionate dedication to photography.

Jos is not a genre photographer, She doesn’t use her talents in a systematic commitment on certain themes or motifs. On the contrary, the permanent disposition to capture her surroundings -some would call it curiosity- leads her to make inroads in most of photographic genres, avoiding specializations. In many of the photographers who choose this approach, the basis of his/her photographic dedication is not systematic or ‘professional’ but emotive: not matter so much ‘what’ you photograph as the sensations or feelings that led you to do it and explain your own way what you saw. It is art, after all, or, in other words, that is the region where the borders between photography and art are blurred in a captivating way. I believe that you will find her there, as you discover in her photography fine examples of the subjectivity and sensitivity with which she practices landscape or portrait, still life or even abstract photography . The visual language she uses to approach each of these fields is uniform: Jos chooses to seek not only stylistic but also thematic and compositional simplicity. In many of her photographs seems to have an undisguised search for the purity of lines,  for a conceptual clarity which not infrequently - a small flower, the shadow of a window … - takes her to present her topics under a beautiful minimalist nudity. Compositionally is also patent this search of the basics: regardless of whether it is a landscape or a decadent facade, a still life, or abstract composition, her images maintain a spatial harmony totally devoid of artifice. Jos closes the circle completing this simplicity with the recourse to the nuance and the visual softness as a distinctive brand of her images. In her own words:  I tend to prefer soft, faded shades and a certain subtleness and gentleness in my photo, she writes me. Naturally, implementing those preferences is only possible through an accurate control of light, which in many of her images is rather than a means, an end in itself, the element that adopts the expressive dominant role.

-Juan Manuel.


Altar update.

The move has gone well, and I am pleased with myself for getting my altar unpacked and set up in a timely manner. Lots of easy box shifting for a couple of days, but I finally got my main altar, and my working/spell/sabbat altar set up. Samhain is right around the corner, and I’m getting an early start on it. <3