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I’m still really baffled by all the complaints about Shadowhunters. Like, obviously I had doubts at the start, but with each casting announcement or new photo I give them more and more of my trust. Yeah, they seem to have changed a couple of things so far but I’m not worried about that. As long as it includes all the main characters, all the canon ships and sticks to the basic plot it’s all fine by me. We couldn’t be placing our children in safer hands I think. It’s going to be awesome!

Fandom please, PLEASE slow your rolls!

Look guys there has been too many things going on in this fandom lately. And I just want to say something. This in no way is intended to be mean… so please no one be offended.

Look we are getting a second chance here. We are literally the luckiest fandom ever to be able to have movie and a SHOW!! Guys listen I love the TMI books with every fiber of my book loving being. But this whole going to the writers and producers and actors of the show and “harassing” them is not cool. I have a twitter and I’ve SEEN with my own eyes some of the tweets regarding certain things. There’s too much complaining. We can’t afford to be greedy and demanding guys, this is a second chance!

It’s not cool you guys. Look, we have an AMAZING cast that look the part. Yes they are changing things, but I GET IT. I understand why.

The show the movie, they’re not the books. They are visual representations of our books. The series is only a base line for the big and small screen. Let’s be honest the movie BOMBED bad… why? Because it was only book readers that went to go see it. Why else did it bomb? Because they butchered the storyline…. the biggest arc of the entire book series… like oh I don’t know the whole Valentine spoiling the fact that Clary and Jace aren’t siblings thing.

I get it, after what happened with the movie we are all a little more protective of over this, I am too. But I understand necessary changes. Guys they are changing things because well they’re going to try and appeal to a larger audience then just us book readers. And that’s the plane truth. This is a business.

I get the Izzy pendant thing, because it’s important. I agree that it’s ok to ask for them to giver her, her ruby pendant. Also because its a small prop that can just be easily placed on her. But some of you, complaining about the Runes, and Luke being a cop and eye color, hair color…. it’s pretty ridiculous. And I don’t mean that in a mean way.

We as a fandom have to understand that things won’t always be 100% true to the books. Guys these “rumors” flying around is ridiculous. Stop speculating…. it’ll only drive you mad. Wait for when the OFFICIAL synopsis and official facts and an actual trailer and watching at least 5 episodes before we start bashing the show. Don’t go in waiting to see an exact replica of the books…. because that’s not going to happen. It’s not.

Don’t listen to these rumors. Wait till ABC Family or the producers say something. They’re the ones we should be listening too. Guys I can’t stress enough how lucky we are.

I mean LOOK at the cast they’re perfect! Little things that DON’T matter to the plot shouldn’t bother you guys. Like the runes or eye color…. or even Luke being a damn cop.

All I’m trying to say is PLEASE give these guys a chance to show us what they got. Wait to watch the episode before going over to twitter and in a civilized manner telling the showrunners what they fucked up on. And guys learn to accept change. We have the books. This is show businesses, they want viewers. Without viewers there’s no show and no show means no job for the actors and the crew. They’re trying to appeal to other people, they have a job to secure. Cassandra sold the rights to her books guys, change happens. They can’t always satisfy everyones opinions.

Please guys PLEASE. Stop and wait.