Hey guys! Yes I did go to see bob’s burgers live last night!! It was amazing!!!! First all of the characters did standup then they showed clips from upcoming episodes then they did a table read of an upcoming episode then they did q&a! I have lots more photos and videos to share so check through the day. Also if you have any questions about it Ill be happy to answer them!


Sleater-Kinney - “A New Wave” music video featuring Tina, Gene and Louise Belcher

Check out what dropped today, it’s our collaboration with Sleater-Kinney, animated by the good people at Bento Box. Check it out, and check out their new album ”No Cities to Love,” in stores now!

*Reposting because of a tiny typo I made.

Translated by me and Monica Odom.

[image text] When Tina reported her teacher for harassment, she was asked if she really wanted to go on with it, because it would be very bad for his family.
Tina didn’t see how harassing students and going unpunished would be good for his family, so she went on with her complaint despite the university’s lack of support.