anonymous said:

Hello! I'm an INFJ and I was wondering if it's a trait of ours to be able to adapt our outer personalities in accordance to those around us? It's kind of strange, but I sometimes feel like I'm always trying to meet their needs and I can't all the time. It can get exhausting. Thanks and you have an awesome blog!

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: yes, that is your Fe at work. And it might be working too much. INFJs are susceptible to other people’s needs and emotions and might feel like they need to keep everybody happy. They end up putting everybody before themselves, which is simply unhealthy.

Try to be more critical when it comes to evaluation other people’s needs. Use your Ti function to be more rational about them. Ask yourself “Can I really help this person effectively or will I end up giving up too much of myself?”

– Hana

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