Practiced watercolor today! Spent the whole day painting this, so don’t you dare repost or take without credit. And don’t even think of deleting my caption. Made this with love and hardwork so please appreciate it (please, Tommy, please) (nope) I’M BLOODY SERIOUS.

ANYWAY. The Ivy Three! The Mighty Gladers! The OT3 we all love! THOMINEWT.

I posted some detailed close-ups and some of the process as well. Couldn’t get the colors all correctly but I tried. This is dedicated to my fellow Gladers, enjoy!

On a side note, do give some love on my IG: ASLuika (I post art there too). So yeah. Thanks! Much love!

One of the things that make The Maze Runner series so special is its lack of romance and “love triangles” that are present in almost all other books, movies, and shows. The series focuses on much bigger pictures such as friendship and overcoming hardships. And the first movie perfectly depicted that.
I truly hope that this amazing quality will not be ruined in the upcoming movies.