But seriously you don’t understand how perfect the writing for Trina Decker was. She was a woman who embraced her sexuality, flaunted it, and wasn’t shy of expressing what she wanted, what she liked, what she wanted to try or not try, and extremely risqué yet she had an innocence about her that remained. But that innocence didn’t make her weak, she was innocent but you also knew she could fuck you up so hard and you wanted to remain in her good graces because she could be cold hard bitch. Trina was a feminist and advocate for equal rights for all in the ’70s! (Summer of 66 to be exact). Having a foursome with a black couple, throwing a party for a porn stat who was being prosecuted because he was a porn star, and exerting her right to choice when that wasn’t socially accepted not as well as today, if it was even legal then I don’t know. She is perfection and needs to be cherished because people think ‘Swingtown’ or ‘Trina Decker’ but the ladies on that show, but Trina took no one’s shit and set fire to the societal norms, she and her husband were equals, she was a riot. Don’t forget about Trina Decker.