probs my favorite thing about Cedric and StF in general is that Cedric is a SUPER SUPER SUUUPER strong sorcerer, his only problem is nerves!

I can relate to that a whole lot. I can admit I have some serious skills, but I can’t show them off when I need it most because people are watching and im too anxious. 

Ced’s so incredible ((he cast an entirE KINGDOM IN FOREVER ICE???? HOOO W ???)) and he can’t even understand that bc he bases his opinion of himself on everyone else, and gosh i just


luv this guy so much :v


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probs my favorite thing about Cedric and StF in…

Right tho?! I love seeing a character deal with anxiety issues and this little kids show has represented anxiety so so well with Cedric! ^_^

Yeah!! I have a form of anxiety and watching Cedric on StF, it just really clicks with me. He’s a great and complex character and super relateable. I’m glad someone else feels the same  vwv