Please just stop.

I don’t know if I really should write this or not, but for my peace of mind, I’m posting this.

First and foremost, I want you to know how frustrated I am to see KHJL’s scandal allover SS501’s tag. Sure, he is their leader, but I think it was unfair that it affects the other member through their group name “SS501”. You could’ve just used his own name since it is his own issue. Please just think how it affects the others who supports the members individually and please don’t judge the whole fandom.

Second, if you ain’t going to say anything good, just stop posting. Always remember that all of us are human, we get hurt, we get offended. Just try to be lenient of whatever you’re going to say and reflect whether there is a person at the other end of the world who might feel bad about whatever you post. Use your power, as a blogger or internet user to promulgate peace and prosperity.

Lastly, yes he apologized. Thanks God he apologized just in order to end this issue. For me, it simply implies that he admits the accusations, well maybe not all, but nonetheless he admitted that at one point he was at fault. His issue had also raised awareness within the KPOP world that a man we use to adore on-screen may turn into someone whom we couldn’t fathom, even to just think of. They are just human.

I’m not one of his delusional fans. He is the member I least like. I also believe that women should be treated delicately given that men are way superior when it comes to physical aspect. But please, just give the issue a rest. The fans are getting tired. We feel like we are a piece of trash in the KPOP world. We already feel so bullied. It seems to me that you guys are acting on how you depict HJL based on this issue: a violent person.

PS: If you reading this are one of those Antis, I don’t need you bombarding my ask box nor mentioning me on your other posts regarding the issue. I just want this to be an outlet of my emotion and to give my other Triple S friends around Tumblr something that can boost their mood up, after all those posts trampled their self-esteem as fans.


Reason #112 why I hate the International Kpop fandom at times:

Because there are some fans that are so delusional enough, so absolutely insane enough, and so irresponsible enough to start blaming a victim of domestic assault and saying that she must have done something to provoke it or deserved it, in order to protect their vision of an “absolutely perfect oppa” that could apparently never do wrong or hurt a fly, and that they are the victim instead.

NEWSFLASH: Idols are human. Idols are people that can make mistakes. Idols can do bad things. Really really bad things. And idols can certainly do something so horrific like domestic assault.

Another typical case of “Oppar didn’t mean it”.

No fan is EVER obligated to defend an idol’s illegal actions. No fan should EVER engage in victim blaming and threatening victims and critics while trying to defend an idol’s actions, illegal or not. And finally, no fan should EVER be called a traitor or shamed or sent death threats for refusing to defend or speaking out against an idol’s illegal actions. Nor is a person any less of a fan for refusing to. There is a limit to what a fan should be and should do.