Regarding this very heavy situation with Hyun Joong

As this situation has arose.  I have thought about it and what to say.

I know there is people who are not actually fans of Kim Hyun Joong, automatically blaming him and calling those who defend him as stupid or whatever.  But I as a fan since 2010, I can’t see this as true. 

But to the fans who are accusing the alleged victim, let’s remember who we are defending.  I think with the type of heart Hyun Joong has, someone who cries when he sees his fandom fighting, that he would not like to see people calling her names, threatening her or any other nasty thing. 

As a Triple S, my relationship with Hyun Joong as a fan has been built on trust for as long as I have been a fan.  We have suffered through rumors of him saying he doesn’t care about SS501 to see him on stage with the other members for each military enlistment. 

So my advice to his fans who are still choosing to trust in his character and to stand by him.  Don’t throw out more accusations.  Stay quiet.  If you must say something negative about the girl, say it in private.  If you get a message regarding the situation.  Delete it. If you read a comment, post or any form of online communication.  Ignore, block do whatever you must to remove it from your site.  But DO NOT, and I stress this DO NOT attack anybody who isn’t agreeing with your opinion.

For now as a true fan, this is a situation to just wait.  Make your choices after a ruling has been made. 

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Police to Investigate Kim Hyun Joong on Domestic Violence Allegations

With allegations that Kim Hyun Joong abused his girlfriend, Songpa Police Station revealed that it will soon be summoning Kim Hyun Joong to begin investigations.

An affiliate of the Songpa Police Station told Newsen on August 22, “It is true that Kim Hyun Joong has been sued for physical assault. But the incident is currently under investigation. We cannot say much on the issue yet. We will report on the facts once the investigation is over.”

The affiliate added, “We will soon be summoning Kim Hyun Joong to begin investigations.”

Kim Hyun Joong reportedly assaulted and severely wounded his girlfriend. 

Keyeast, Kim Hyun Joong’s agency, told Newsen, “We were shocked to read the news about the allegations of Kim Hyun Joong’s physical assaults. We will need to check up on what’s going on. The agency didn’t even know that Kim Hyun Joong had a girlfriend. We’re in a state of shock right now.”

Before this whole thing blows up, let me tell you that it is not okay to defend anyone who assaults anyone.

And let me also tell you that we should wait for more details.

And let me also tell you that we will never know for sure if this thing is true or was just made up by someone who is too bored to live.

And let me also tell you that it is never okay to send hateful words to anybody. This is none of our business and it’s too serious to be handled like some random allkpop rumor.

So numb

So, wow. Just heard the news about Hyunjoong and I just don’t know what to say…

I saw the woman had a detailed account of what happened and there’s hospital records. So, that’s generally helpful to the victim in domestic abuse cases.

I just never have personally heard anything about any of the guys in SS501 having tempers like this.

If it’s true I’m just so, so, so disappointed I just can’t say it enough.

As someone who has went through domestic abuse myself and witnessed it with my own parents it’s just something you don’t want anyone to go through.

Whatever happens I hope justice prevails for those who need and deserve it.

If you’re a victim of domestic abuse please don’t keep silent. Even if you just talk to a friend or another family member please have someone there for you. And if you have the courage to report them please do.

[Breaking] Kim Hyun Joong Charged for Alleged Assault of Girlfriend

Singer Kim Hyun Joong is facing a lawsuit for alleged assault and battery.

Recently, Korean media reported that Kim Hyun Joong’s girlfriend “A,” whom he has been dating for two years, pressed criminal charges against the singer for repeated instances of assault and battery between the period of May and July of this year.

An acquaintance of “A” said, “The two have been dating since 2012. After May, there were several instances of problems with women, and in the midst of that, he [Kim Hyun Joong] severely assaulted her [‘A’].”

The site of the alleged crime is reported as Kim Hyun Joong’s apartment. In May of this year, “A” reportedly was hit and sustained bruises to her face, chest, arm, and bottom, injuries diagnosed as requiring two weeks for full recovery. In July, the situation worsened, the violence escalating to a fractured rib, and “A” was given a diagnosis of requiring a six-week recovery.

Yet another acquaintance of “A” stated, “For the last two months, it was a repeating cycle of assault, apology, and forgiveness. However, the situation kept getting worse, and she [‘A’] eventually decided to press criminal charges.”

Currently, “A” has finished giving her first testimony, and submitted documents proving her romantic relationship with Kim Hyun Joong as well as medical reports documenting her injuries. Kim Hyun Joong has yet to be questioned, but reports say he will be summoned for testimony soon.

Kim Hyun Joong’s agency KeyEast stated that they are looking into the situation, and will release a statement after confirmation.

In related news, Kim Hyun Joong is flying out to Bangkok, Thailand today (August 23), for his “2014 Kim Hyun Joong World Tour” performance tomorrow.

Can I just say that this hasn’t been a good year for korean entertainment. Like damn so much has gone down in the last 8 months and the years not even over. Now one of the boys over flowers done beat his girlfriend. Lord jesus. And the ONLY reason why I believe it is because dispatch released the info in regards to his girlfriend who submitted all evidence. #PrayForKoreanEntertainment