SQ during Lily (aka “All hail Road Trips”)

did i forget something ?

Emma, Regina, and Bologna
  • Emma:*searches through the fridge* ... Hey, Regina, where'd you put the bologna??
  • Regina:*shouts from the living room* ... Where it belongs!
  • Emma:Where's that?
  • Regina:In the trash, dear.
  • Emma:*storms toward the living room* ... You threw away my bologna?! I was gonna eat that!
  • Regina:*rolls her eyes* ... you eat like a child, Emma. That stuff is disgusting and came from WHO knows what!
  • Emma:*walks up behind Regina on the couch and leans her chin on Regina's shoulder* ... Perhaps. But I like it. And I didn't see you make your scowl face when you took a bite of mine last week.
  • Regina:*sighs* ... I was being nice.
  • Emma:Uh huh.
  • Regina:*pauses* ... It's behind the salad, second drawer.
  • Emma:Yes, I knew it! You rock babe! *kisses her cheek and runs to the kitchen*
Wolf -Ouat

Something I can’t stop think about it after Lily episode is WHAT DOES THAT MEAN THE WOLF IN OUAT UNIVERSE ?
Like Emma said she saw one in the night she tried live SB and then she saw another one in this episode,detail,the first one she saw was all white and this one is bigger and it’s gray,maybe this simbolizes that she is turning Dark…
But what really is on my mind all day is the look Regina gaves her,when she said DID YOU SAW ANOTHER WOLF ?(Something like that,I don’t remember the words exactly).
My question has the wolf any sexual meaning?
•Cause Regina made this seems like yes,watch again the look OFMG
•And Emma saw a wolf in the pilot after live Regina’s home,after the drink