Charles & Spencer

I don’t know why i get the feeling that Charles and Spencer have a deeper connection than we think. If we go with the theory that Charles isn’t Jason’s twin, maybe he could be Spencer’s. I’ve been fixated for some time that Spencer is the one with a twin. 

On this episode she was the one to figure out the name, of course she’s really smart, but Mona is really smart too and she has been living there longer and probably saw the toy cubes, but Spencer solved it in one night; maybe the name was already on her subconscious because she heard it before. 

It was Spencer who entered the room and saw the video first, maybe this is a hint. Charles stood behind her and didn’t hurt her or try to stop her (they were supposed to be running away) and they sort of shared a moment there before Mona walked in, she even said “Charles is that you?” was she remembering?

Her parents were the ones involved on this episode and they finally know about -A; they had a moment too when opening the box they said “no more secrets” so maybe this is what will come to light the next episode (which will be titled “game over Charles” so the twin will definitely be revealed?) When they arrived at the Campbell farm they recognized it and said they used to bring the girls there for apple picking. 

They both have mental issues but her twin is way way worse? 

Also Troian’s stunt double is listed on this episode so she could be the one wearing the mask.