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 its really interesting to watch those videos where he is talking about SH on mute. w just his body lang. you would think he was talking about Turing and TIG and the painful story. 


No arguments there. I’ve said before, he’s been looking like a kicked puppy.


This is a screen cap of his face from directly after the notorious tantrum.

The interviewer just congratulated him on his engagement on behalf of Good Morning Britain. 

HE’S LITERALLY JUST SAID “Well, thank you very much, Good Morning Britain.” 

Daniel James Howell and Phil Michael Lester - The Years

● Phil was born on 30th January 1987
● Dan was born on 11th June 1991

● Phil started making videos in March 2006
● Phil was on the advert
● Dan became a fan and then became internet friends with Phil in 2009 
● Dan made his first video in October 2009
● Dan and Phil met on October 19th 2009 
● They became best friends

● Phil bought his own apartment in Manchester
● Dan went to (2010) and dropped out (2011) of Manchester University
● In 2010 and 2011, Dan took part in the live, annual 24 hour internet broadcast “Stickaid”.
● Various other Stickaid events with Dan and Phil
● 2011 - Phil won a Guinness World Record for coin stacking
● Dan moved in with Phil - Manchester

● Come 2011, they have the superamazingproject channel
● In 2012, Dan won Supernote
● February 2013 - Dan reached 1 million subscribers
● 2011 and 2012 they had a Christmas Radio Show
● Dan and Phil moved into an apartment in London

● Dan - hottest lad 2012
● Phil - hottest lad 2013
● Dan and Phil won the Sony Golden Headphones award in June 2013
● July 2013 - Phil reached 1 million subscribers
● Teen awards 2013
● Teen awards 2014
● Backstage at the Brit awards 2013
● 2013 - Sunday Radio Show
● 2014 - Monday Radio Show once every month, and fellow youtubers to take the spotlight in the remaining three weeks
● November 2014, Dan won the Internet Video Personality of the Year
● Dan and Phil joined with the British phone company, EE, to make Limited Edition Sim cards
● They were both in Youtube Rewind
● Dan and Phil joined Disney’s Broadcasting Studios for (?)

● what’s next…?