councilofdays said:

Is it just me or has Set's snout gotten fatter over time? Gotta cut down on those tacos, man.

That’s actually been a deliberate stylistic transition~ His curved snout was looking a bit too similar to Thoth’s beak back in the beginning, so I’ve been tweaking its shape over the months.

THAT SAID, Set will eat as many tacos as he darn well pleases! HE’S THE GOD OF TACOS! >:U ALL the tacos with all the…..condiments.



I made a thing! Well, multiple things. ^_^ So, I really love Rachel Antonoff. Her clothing is lovely and whimsical, and a little weird. I can’t own it all in real life so I made 13 of her designs for Sims 4. They are all non defaults (with swatches) and you can download the individual pieces, or the combined folder if you want all 13. This is also a thank you gift for 150 followers! That’s a little crazy and really awesome :-)

Tucked Felt Heart White T-shirt / Chambray Stripe Shorts / Untucked I’m With Her Gray T-shirt / Green Pattern Short Shorts / Tucked Green Pattern T-shirt / Forever Crush Sweater / Untucked Felt Heart V-neck / Yellow Circle Skirt / Plaid Jumpsuit with Gold Safety Pins / Green Pattern Maxi Dress / MASH sweatshirt / Colorblock Mini Skirt / Untucked I’m With Her Teal T-shirt

Full Collection

Thank you again! <3


Hello hello! So today I wanted to introduce you guys to Shop Seasouth; a wonderful site who feature unique rings (like this seriously cool crown one), vintage finds, and stylish sunglasses. I literally fell in love with the black lace shorts, I feel so sophisticated in them wee :”) And those black cat-eye sunglasses may be my favorite sunnies I’ve ever had..and the vintage one’s are going to be so perfect for fall. Such amazing things you guys, seriously!

Shop Seasouth here. Instagram. Twitter. Tumblr

Hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday! Love you!! 

*Top styled with from Aritzia.

More Egyptian gods. Set and Nephthys with baby Anubis.

Set (or Sutah in Egyptian) was the god of the desert, storms, darkness and chaos. He is probably best known for the murder of his brother Osiris, but he wasn’t always seen as an evil god. He was also regarded as Ra’s main hero, who fought Apep, the serpent of chaos, each night during Ra’s journey across the underworld.

Nephthys (Nebet-het or Nebt-het in Egyptian) was sometimes said to be the wife of Set. It was not a happy marriage. Nephthys wanted children, but Set was infertile, just like the desert. So according to one tradition she disguised herself as Isis and seduced Osiris. The result was Anubis (Anpu or Anapa in Egyptian).