So. I’m now working with Set. Why?

I’ll tell you why.

I had a dream. In this dream, I was sitting in a dark-ish room that had like a Windows 98 style computer, and blinking on its greyish screen was a weird chat box style thing. APPARENTLY, Set was emailing me over it, demanding to know why I had talked to/worked with him once and never done so again. Essentially, “The fuck, tiny human?” I was mortified that I would do that, but even in my dreams couldn’t remember when I might have contacted him, outside of once (maybe twice?) where I had asked him to bring a little rain while I was out of town. I kept sitting down to type my apology, but the words wouldn’t come.

So, I actually got up, left my dream (???), and walked my way into a new dream. About 15-30 minutes (dream time) passed, when all of a sudden I’m pulled back in the first place and he’s standing there, face shadowed and hands on his hips, demanding to know “the fuck, tiny human?” And why I wasn’t working with him, and I felt I should apologize even more, because I hadn’t responded to the dream email he had sent me (and I could read it (something I’ve been doing a lot lately),so maybe lucid dreaming?) immediately. And so, the words came to me, and I started apologizing, that I hadn’t meant to ignore him, but that I hadn’t been able to find the words to apologize until he showed up to me.

Then I saw his face in like a mirror thing, but it reminded me of a certain person, which I think he showed me just to taunt me, lol.

But, yeah. He was irritated that I hadn’t worked with him after the first time (which I don’t really remember having done), and then that I didn’t respond to his dream email.

But wait, there’s more.

About a week before hand, I’d been reading/giggling about Dickmas and the Set’s Balls/Valentine’s Day holidays. The fucking MILLISECOND I woke up, my mind started playing “Balls Deep” from the Cleveland Show, and “Chocolate Salty Balls” from South Park (but just the “put ’ em in your mouth, such ‘em” part on repeat, and it stayed that way ALL. FUCKING. DAY.

I kept going between cracking up and just going “The fuck, Set?”

Long story short, he played those in my head until I agreed to work with him, and that is the story of how I came to work with Set.


The first look behind the scenes of Avengers Age of Ultron *_*


by TheHollow 

I am so unbelievable proud to present to you ‘Harvest Time’. A 3 piece set:

  1.  The Pumpkin King, a fully sculpted triple diffi, 18mm oil rig.
  2.  The Baked Pumpkin, fully sculpted triple inline diffi, 14mm oil rig.
  3.  Pumpkin Dabs, a fully sculpted pumpkin dabber / dabber holder.