Today’s RM Filming:
They took a REAL SELFIE together! Ms Snow White & Capable One 😍💞 their smile are the sweetest aww! PS* did you notice someone taking this selfie at the left hand side? Its one of the RM staff! (Cr dcsjh, Via krsjtkrj89) #spartace#kimjongkook#jihyo#runningman

[TRANS/Tidbit] Ten Asia’s editor (@/BetweenLee) complimented Jinyoung’s variety skill 

every time Jinyoung appears in reality show he always shows his true self. His strong laughter is the point of his pureness. Not the one using strength, when he needs to display concentration he shows outstanding skills and gives reverse amusement. I laughed so much, making my mood good.

trans cr: nizzyool @ AVIATEB1A4

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Kim Joong Kook, Ji Suk Jin, and Kang Gray Playing with the hot steam machine~

Love Kang Gray’s reaction XD