Here are the tidied up posters!  There are a few nitpicks I’d still make (especially in the Incredibles), but overall, they are as done as they’re gonna get!  These are the versions of the posters that will be up in the Student Show, full-size 11″x17″!  

Just as a note, as I’ve been gleefully stalking the tags and comments of the earlier versions, these are not actual movie posters, but a requirement for an illustration assignment.  I hope that helps clear things up! 

“My name is Jack Frost. And I’m a Guardian.” - Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians) 

A little preview from my Jack Frost photoshoot at Katsucon! I loved getting to do a shoot at night as Jack! And am soooo happy to have these photos finally!


I needed to keep myself entertained, so I pulled out my little sketchbook and started drawing some of ionahi's different Jacks!

1) I loved the bandit jack design. It was pretty and cute and damn that scarf 💕

2) a whole page to her wonderful King! I absolutely love his design and I’ve been meaning to draw him for a long time💕

3) and finally there is a failed attempt at drawing the failed guardian…with no references, so clearly it’s not accurate. Not totally giving up on him tho, so I’m gonna fix/finish (maybe redo) it later 💕


I searched for Radioactive In The Dark AMV and this video was at the top