Tending an Empty Plot (Jack Frost/Pitch) (4/17)

Original Prompt:

So it occurred to me to that whenever the spirits, aka Pitch anf Jack, are walked through by humans, they flinch and gasp as if in pain. Well, what if it really hurts to be walked through? What if the spirits are actually hurt when the humans walk through them? Maybe if it happens often enough, it can be considered a type of torture. So after being walked through often enough, some spirits *cough* Pitch…and maybe Jack *cough* go insane and lash out.

Short version: Walking through spirits hurts them, badly. Pitch finally snaps.
+100 Jack still becomes a Guardian
+500 The Guardians don’t realize being walked through hurts, until Bunny’s walked through by the the children who stop believing in Easter after the eggs don’t show.
+1,000 If the Guardians had no idea Jack not only died but has been basically tortured by being walked through his whole life on top of being alone
+1,000,000 If Pitch and Jack get together
+ Internet Sexy times…please?

So, I didn’t get the lashing out part, because I was trying more to get the pairing and to see how Pitch might use this kind of empathy to manipulate Jack well before the events of the movie.

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