Say Uncle


I recently watched the Steven Universe/Uncle Grandpa crossover episode, and I’d like to just say a few things.

I don’t think anyone comprehends that the entire episode is a bit of a jab of the entire community, while somewhat mocking the actual show itself.

The hope of Steven meeting his mother is mocked with UG actually being Rose.

The worry of the episode being canon. (which, let’s be honest if they wanted it to be canon, they would’ve made it so)

The jab of the Lars x Sadie ship.

The 1/3 (not including Steven of course) gems entertained and loving UG while the other two are annoyed and frightened by his presence.

Mr. Gus and the Gemsona bit.

Mr. Gus confirming the theory behind Steven’s gem powers.

Pearl’s motherly nature being far less subtle than usual when she freaks out about Pizza Steve-n Universe not being “her baby”.

Garnet being pretty fed up and wanting the episode come to an end. (aka 2/3 of the SU community)

and the final but most important jab.

The animosity the SU community has for Uncle Grandpa and the UG community is addressed when Steven tells the gems that they can’t go around attacking people who they don’t understand. Then UG tell the viewers to not be afraid to be weird because he and Steven has their backs, and that they should see with “eyes unclouded by hate” before reminding everyone to simply just say: Good morning!

I’m not that big a fan of Uncle Grandpa, but dare I say this was Steven Universe’s best episode. The funniest Steven Universe episode in my opinion. The SU staff is the ones who wanted this crossover, and they are freakin’ genius. What better way to cause some havoc, skip out on normal SU tradition, and poke fun at the community and their own plots than with an UG crossover? None, I say! Brilliant work, Rebecca. You are taking a lot of heat from your own community, but I salute you!

Si seulement on pouvait inventer quelque chose, […] qui conserve un souvenir dans un flacon, comme un parfum, et qui ne s’évapore, ne s’affadisse jamais. Quand on en aurait envie, on pourrait déboucher le flacon et on revivrait l’instant passé
—  Daphné du Maurier , Rebecca