Artist: Ram Krishna

"By themselves the words "Krishna, Krishna" are sufficient to drive away the sins of all living beings. Anyone who possesses devotion for Lord Mukunda that is densely imbued with ecstasy holds in the palms of his hands the gifts of liberation, worldly influence, and wealth."~Mukunda-mala-stotra 51

Many don’t realize but many breeds of sheep naturally have tails (there are also quite the handful that have shorter, or rat tails). These tails are often docked in most countries and among most breeds, making the sheep resemble how we are used to seeing them.

25% of sheep breeds however belong to a group called “Fat-Tailed Sheep”, and it is not customary to dock their tails. In fact, the tail fat is considered a delicacy in some cultures.

This sheared fellow is of the long tailed variety. The animal lives in Saudi Arabia.

DP on sad lyrics:

Thomas: “Dance music needs this emotional depth. This contrast of sadness and happiness. It’s always easier to create something just a little sad or just happy. But combining the two in a song, that’s the art.”

Guy-Man: “That’s the great thing: you can be insanely happy and crying at the same time. Ideally while dancing you get a feeling like a volcanic eruption, bubbling over in all directions. It’s not only black and white, but many shades in between. Our albums have always tried to portray a broad spectrum of emotions. Some of our tracks are very dark, but you can still play them in the club, maybe because they have an uplifting bass-line and a pretty melody.”

From Intro Magazine, May 2013