The four travelers passed through the rest of the forest in safety, and when they came out from its gloom saw before them a steep hill, covered from top to bottom with great pieces of rock.

"That will be a hard climb," said the Scarecrow, "but we must get over the hill, nevertheless."

This is the chapter 22 opener. ALMOST DONE posting everything here. I counted it all up a little while ago and there are 88 illustrations in total! Anyway I’ll be talking about the plan for the print book shortly…

This one was a little tricky, as I wanted to situate it at the start of the chapter when they reach the hill, and also show a little of Quadling Country beyond, as that’s also a significant part of the chapter and there’s not really another chance to see much of it.

The little heads peeking out are the hammerheads.


Here’s a recap of the chapter illustrations for chapters 1 through 8 of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the first third of the book! I am very happy with these, and the wide range of color schemes and tones they represent.

I will be done with this project fairly soon, after working on it (off and on) for over a year. 24 full-page illustrations like these, and somewhere around 70 spot illustrations. A print book is being thought of; details will be on this blog before they’ll be anywhere else!